eBook on Baidu Webmaster Tools in English

Baidu is the popular search engine in China and offers webmaster tool only in Chinese. Baidu is one of the top ten sites in the world and having more than 60% of search engine market share in China. With the growing English searches, webmasters having a vision of growing online presence should consider submitting their site to search engines like Baidu.


Microsoft’s Bing search engine is used by Baidu for displaying English search results. Hence, understanding Baidu webmaster tools and submitting your site is necessary in order to drive potential traffic to your site.
Here is the step by step guide for Baidu Webmaster Tools in English. This tutorial helps webmasters to understand the following topics in detail:
– Registering for Baidu webmaster tools
– How to add your site in Baidu webmaster tools
– Various verification methods
– Sitemap, Dead link and URL submission
– Domain transfer options
– Web analytics
– Inbound and Outbound link analysis
-Search keywords and indexed pages
– Page optimization tips
– Crawling errors and crawl rate adjustment of Baidu spider
– Generating robots.txt
-Security detection and site safety testing tools
– Getting Baidu search box code for your site
– Baidu site app generation tool
– Baidu auto and manual ping service
– Baidu social sharing options

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Add URL Free Manual Search Submission SEO

We have selected the best free search engines on the internet for you. Add URL Free Manual Search Submission SEO


Visit the links below manually and submit your website, many search engines will require confirming your website url so please use a valid email address while submitting. Make sure you use proper meaninful title, description and keywords wherever required. If you do not wish to take the headache of manual submission.

Visit 19 Submites Sites our paid submission service here.

1. Add url   DMOZ  PR7

2. Add url   Bing  PR8

3. Add url   GigaBlast  PR3

4. Add url  SrubtheWeb PR6

5. Add url   Anoox  PR4

6. Add url   Exactseek PR6

7. Add url   Websquash PR4

8. Add url   Yandex  PR7

9. Add url   WhatuSeek  PR7

10. Add url   Entireweb  PR6

11. Add url   ASR   PR5

12. Add url   Viesearch  PR4

13. Add url   Secret SE Labs   PR4

14. Add url   SoMuch   PR5

15. Add url   FyberSearch   PR4

16. Add url   Nonar   PR4

17. Add url   InfoTiger   PR4

18. Add url   BusinessSeek   PR4

19. Add url   Directory   PR2

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Top 10 Ping Services Free to Drive your Traffic

First of all let we know what is Ping Services? And How it works? Now I’m going to tell you how you can get benefits from Ping Services.


Ping Websites are Pinging Search Engines who keep contact with all Search Engines. When we create a Post, it means we update our blog. Ping Sites are the Services to update different Search Engines that your blog has updated. You just have to do, when you create a new post copy the new post URL and next step is open all ping sites and one by one paste the URL here and then click on ping send button. Once you will do it, you will see how your traffic is increase, You must use it.

List of Best Ping Service Sites:

1. Ping-o-Matic   2. Pingler  3. GooglePing  4. FeedShark   5. Pingoat  6. AutoPinger  7. BroadPing  8. BlogBuzzer  9. Ping.in  10. PingThatBlog 

Bonus: PingMyURL or Social

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