Tekken 5 iSO for Android with PPssPP Download

Tekken 5 iso is one of the most popular games which is based on fighting. Tekken 5 is the fifth series of this games released by Namco officially For Xbox PS4 PS3 360 consoles but now you can also play this game in Mobile devices with the help of iso + ppsspp emulator and data.

Tekken 5 iSO for Android with PPssPP Download

The Tekken 5 game released by Namco, which is the 5th edition. The company also has released new versions of the Divine Law that will soon be available. In this version, Have changes and initiatives, for example, More than 20 fighters Select the hero to take part in the tournament, in the game that has more power than the rest, but you need to get to the tournament for the choice fighters. 1 More new Features we see in addition new martial tactics added, Which increases the speed and strength of the fighters’ moves, and in contrast, the game should display the speed of action and use the keyboard quickly and on time. The arcade will showcase new techniques, and fighters will use different combat equipment to defeat their opponents. With this beautiful and engaging game, you have gained enough pleasure.
Features of Tekken 5:
– Join Asuka into unique combat battles
– Global competition to fight users around the world with ranking system
– New design for the PvP league system
– Bug fixes and improved game graphics
– Have different playgrounds
– Suitable for all ages
– Usable on all Android phones
– Suitable for all Android 2.2 systems up
How to Download and install:
1. Download Tekken iso and ppsspp Emulator
2. First, install the emulator then extract the iso file with es file explorer / Zrchever
3. Open Emulator browse the path where you extract the iso file you will see taken a game click and enjoy the game.

Get Full Free Tekken 5 iSO for Android with PPssPP Download

Tekken 5 PC Game Free Download Full Version

Tekken 5 is a free to download PC game recently released which includes full support from Japan Namco. The game works on Windows and Play station consoles it has really nice looking graphics and a very user friendly interface.


The game is a new version of tekken 4 which was very awesome many people search it and want to play tekken it has 5 total missions with single player and online multiplayer modes they have different stages and levels which have to be completed.

It has all the enjoyment a gamer needs after all that hard work and day full of studies this is the best choice one needs to have as you many it has different fighters which are unlocked at different stages each can be modified and has its own powers which are then used against other tekken games to win the tournament it has been a success after its release as it is currently very famous and is being played in gaming lounges worldwide many professional fighters are also there in Tekken Tag here you go have fun. With the new graphics accelerator engine, it has made things to life they move and feel also sometimes react with the controls as they allow movement. Download After unlock