Brave Frontier MOD APK Global Game Download

Brave Frontier RPG MOD APK is an online RPG game from gumi inc. its a Global version of the game there are two versions available for this game.Recently game is updated to version features New customization and missions so does the MOD APK Arrived.


Brave Frontier MOD APK Android Download
Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK is an addictive monster RPG game that reminds me of the old final fantasy game combine with simple mobile RPG games that allow you to evolve & fuse characters to level your characters up.
You form your elite squad to battle single player quest that have a nice Anime guide to the game and also able to challenge real human players (PVP) via Arena to see if your squad are up to standard or not.
The game started off pretty easy but eventually you will be seeking for more Unit Capacity or forced to sell off units to make space for more Evolve materials or Units to fuse.
However, with proper management of your units you can make due but just a little hard to control the urge to buy gems to expand the unit capacity 😀
The game however is free to play with in-app purchase of gems for summoning rare characters but it’s randomly selected so there will be times that you will get the same rare units if you are unlucky.
You can earn gems by completing quests and levelling up and get rare characters by participating in Vortex events which happens regularly.
Overall, the game is well design with engaging gameplay that keep urging me on to complete the next quest & upgrading the next hero of my squad.
What’s In The MOD APK of Brave Frontier RPG:
1. God Mode (PvP + PvE)
2. 0 Energy Costs on Vortex & Quests
3. Instant Brave Brust
4. Instant Super Brave Burst
5. Parades always open (only lvl lock)
6. Parades no key costs

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Battle Ages MOD APK Unlimited Currencies Download

Battle Ages MOD APK is all about online city building game. Your goal is to steal the resources from the other players and upgrade your base,defense and troops and train your army to attack other players or in campaign mode.


Each campaign level designed differently and rewards are different as well. There are builders in the game and only 2 available at the beginning so you have to upgrade wisely you can purchase more builders as well using gems. Each upgrade requires some time and a builder to work on. You can spend gems to speed up upgrade time. Game is online but currencies are not server sided. Graphics are good but not that crunchy enough to fill your graphical hunger. Game is good enough to keep you playing but after at certain level you will be tired with the build time and upgrade times of defenses and buildings. Different troops with different work can be used in battles.
What’s In The MOD APK of Battle Ages: Free Purchase

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WWE Tap Mania MOD APK Lots Of Money Download

WWE Tap Mania MOD APK from SEGA is now available on Android and available in select countries.this game was announced about two or three weeks ago as to be coming out towards the end of this year and by cranny on on a good day out nowhere we all just got our asses RKO’d because tap mania is out right now and you can play it easily from everywhere with MOD APK of WWE Tap Mania of course. for some reason or I don’t know if it’s like a beta version currently did with wwe champions where they kind of just released this or has received they made changes to the game maybe that’s what they are doing.

WWE Tap Mania MOD APK Lots Of Money Download

WWE Tap Mania MOD APK Download Unlimited Money
This game is very different to many of the other wwe games on mobile. it’s a very very different game so I need to know what your opinions on it I think there’s a lot of good things and a lot of bad things about this game. when you go into the game for the first time together be faced of Triple H. I like the visuals I like the the the artwork on it I think that a characters are really well-designed. gameplay is simple you have to just tap and tap and use money to level up your fighters and wrestlers. since its a modded game you will get unlimited money and cash while completing achievements so that you can level up easily.
Features Of Wwe Tap Mania MOD APK:
– Taptastic Action Gameplay
– Build your favorite wrestler team
– Get Unlimited money as Achievements rewards
– Easy to learn gameplay
– Level up your characters easily
– Collect legendary licensed WWE Super Stars
– Customization and add your own signature style
– New live events to play
What’s In The MOD APK WWE TAP MANIA: Unlimited Money(Complete Achievements)

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PewDiePies Tuber Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money Bux Download

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator MOD APK is a simulator Android game from Outerminds Inc. This game is about YouTube Simulation and YouTuber start pewdiepie. Recently new update 1.11.0 arrived and its a brand new update with MOD Unlimited Bux,Knowledge,Views,Subs and XP.


PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator MOD APK 1.11.0 Unlimited Money Bux Android
today ill be reviewing PewDiePie tuber simulator MOD and not a youtuber.although it’s pretty much YouTube simulator so basically the whole premise of the game is to become a huge youtuber it’s simulated game not too different evolve slightly on the pc and console these days there seemed to be a lot more in depth and a lot more stuff to do.The PewdiePie’s Tuber Simulator MOD APK of old that used to.PewDiePie who made it and it’s all about YouTube in kind of what we do so I thought I’d give it a little little go on to be honest still probably not my interest.
You can buy stuff with views like better equipment stuff for your room you’ve gotta grow your room as you grow as a youtuber by better equipment so that’s the sort of idea you’ve gotta go u bigger no subs bigger that kind of stuff and you’ve obviously got you your wait times for stuff to be built and that’s where the premium comes in because there is a premium side to this. where you can buy cash for books as he calls them and you can speed stuff along but in MOD APK of Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator you already have unlimited money and all stuffs.
What’s New: v 1.11.0
* MEGA ITEM UPDATE: New items for levels 31-70
* 2 New Network levels & perks
* New knowledge tree upgrade
* Purchased customizations now show up in Inventory
* Can now purchase up to 500 small pixel cubes
* Dust bubbles now appear in Puggle
* Minor bug fixes
What’s In The MOD APK:
Unlimited Everything
Unlocked Everything

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Subway Surfers Apk Mod Unlimited Money Coins Keys Download

Subway Surfers Mod Money Coin Unlimited Apk Android games form webs. Latest version Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins and Keys Android Games.


Subway Surfers an incredibly beautiful and exciting game that anxiety and excitement you will feel it completely! In this game your hands and touch screen game character control your Android phone to be on time to jump obstacles and collect coins and earn points to go to the next level.
In the many obstacles in the way of moving trains as well as in front of you that if you encounter them horribly LCD playback will be your Android? Game with beautiful graphics and a very exciting step is to download it.
Features of Subway Surfers:
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics
– Ability to unlock new characters
– Ability to race with friends
– Addictive gameplay
– Krvbaytk by Jack moves to increase the attractiveness
Subway Surfers mod:
Free Shopping
– long jump
– Double Jump
– Hoverboard Unlimited
– Mega Headstart Unlimited
– Score Booster Unlimited
– open all the characters and boards
– Double coins
– Score X1000, Double score active
– Pescue key used set to 0
– Tutorial Bypassed
– Zero Score

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Check Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile Via GBWhatsApp Mod Apk Download

Check Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile Via Android Mod Apk Unlocked: We all know that today mostly people are using WhatsApp. Now this is becoming our part of life. New days WhatsApp is widely used for personal messaging. But this is used is professional life also. Many official things are done on this app. And mostly of use this app maximum time of the day. As, I am using this app daily. I am bored with the color and UI with the WhatsApp. Now, I hate the green color. And, Like this GBWhatsApp Mod Apk.


Details of GBWhatsApp Mod Apk
We know that GBWhatsApp Mod Apk is really have very cool feature. Like changing color or UI of the WhatsApp. But this app has many more feature. Now with the help of this app you can check which user saw your profile. And also your DP and status. It really helps you to know who is stalking to you on WhatsApp. Then I downloaded this app. And now I am using 2 account of the WhatsApp on the single device. Now, I can change the color of the WhatsApp any time I want.
With the help of GBWhatsApp Mod Apk app now you can do many things like. You can disable a specific contact to make call to you. And you can hide the last seen for a specific contact. In terms of using this is everything is on one click. Easy to use. This also has theme inside it. Download this app and you will surprise. But, one day my friend told me about the app named “GBWhatsApp Apk”. He told me that with the help of this app you can change the UI or color of the WhatsApp and you can also use 2 account on the same device with this app.
GBWhatsApp Mod Apk Features:
1. Inform more about who visits your WhatsApp Profile Via GBWhatsApp.
2. It also helpful you to know who is checking your WhatsApp DP/Status.
3. It almost supported all Android devices and you can use this app on any device.
4. Very helpful to know your WhatsApp Stalker, so dimply download and check this app.

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AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android Security APK Download

AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android addition to securing your mobile and privacy, AVG have redesigned AVG Anti Virus PRO to help you more quickly and easily keep track of your mobile’s Protection, Performance, Privacy, and Anti-Theft Simple circles show you how well covered you are, and their color alerts you to potential problems. And improving any area can be done in a few short taps.


With AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android ™, take advantage of the real-time premium features against viruses, malware, spyware and online exploitation.
Features of AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security:
– Scan apps, settings, files, media, calls & text messages (SMS) in real-time
– Enable finding/locating your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps™
– Lock & wipe your phone to protect your privacy
– Kill tasks that can slow down your phone
– Browse the web safely and securely
– Monitor battery, storage and data package usage
– Filter & block unwanted calls & text messages (SMS)
– Password protect for apps
– Backup apps from your device to your SD
– Discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your phone
– Locks your phone whenever the SIM card is REPLACED
– Identifies unsecure device settings and advises on how to fix THEM
– Helps ensure contacts, bookmarks & text messages are SAFE
– Guards you from phishing attacks
With AVG AntiVirus PRO Security for Android, you can:
+ Analyze applications and games in real time
+ Enable the geolocation of your lost phone via Google Maps ™
+ Eliminate tasks slowing down your phone
+ Monitor and optimize battery usage, storage space and data
+ Conceal your private photos in an encrypted safe
+ Analysis of WiFi networks to solve encryption, password strength and other threats

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Uninstaller Application APK for Android Source Code Download

Easy uninstall apps for Android . is tool to help you remove unwanted apps from your android phone . you can uninstaller app by one single click or remove multy apps at once . you can filter apps by size or alphabetic order as you like.


Features :
– unistaller apps with single Click
– remove multy apps at once
– filter apps by size or alphabetic order
– and its free 100%

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MarketPlace Apps Websites and Domains Selling Script

3-in-1 script to help you make serious money by running your own apps, websites and domains marketplace iTunes and Google Play Store supported.


Script Features
– Built on PHP, MySql & Smarty Template Engine
– Member oriented AUCTION MARKETPLACE.
– Members may list their apps, websites or domains for sale.
– BIDDING SYSTEM (with buy-it-now BIN price option) for sellers to choose highest bid.
– Ownership verification before listing activation.
– Public profile of users with messaging system just like Envato
– Normal and Featured listings.
– Graphical representation of historical data like, website traffic/visitors, app’s revenue/cost/profit.
– Disqus comment system on listing details page.
– Photo Gallery of apps screenshots, automatically imported from iTunes or Google Play.

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Best WiFi Hacking Apps for non Rooted phone

This apps which will enable you to hack wifi password without root.Yes you heard it right as it is very difficult for people to loose warranty and root.There are many apps available in app store but all works only on rooted device.So i searched a lot about this and got 3 apps which works perfectly without root.


It is perfect app for cracking wifi password.It dont required root.
You can download this app from here

You already know that this work only for rooted phone but its new version works for non-rooted phone also.
Download from here

3 WPS Connect
Download from here