How To Rank Youtube Video on Google Index

Download Free Urdu Hindi Video Tutorial On how to rank youtube videos instantly with google the strategy will reveal how you can index your YouTube videos on Google instantly and rank your videos to get more views than ever.


In This Video Tutorial I will Teach You each and every step how you can ran your every video and generate a reasonable income with YouTube. This video wholly shows the entire procedure for ranking a video on YouTube with each and every step explained within the video tutorial for YouTube.

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140 Active Do-Follow Web 2.0 Sites That Backlink Subdomains

Full Majestic report with added ISP country and language available at 140 Active Do-Follow Web 2.0 Sites That Backlink Subdomains.

Active-DoFollow-Web-2.0-Sites -Backlink-Subdomains

I’ve been working on this list for a while, so I figure I would share with you all. It is 140 services that let you create a website/blog, sorted by trust flow. I think that there are a lot of new ones that haven’t been listed before. I verified that all of them are do-follow, have free service, and have the ability to create your own subdomains. If there are any mistakes please let me know.

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Rank your site on google page one in 30 days

Here is a 34 pages e-Book PDF Guide “Google Page One In 30 Days”, i search and looks like it was not yet shared here.


His methods include writing some longish quality articles or product reviews (about five or six pages in all) and other accepted stuff (that will on their own help with ranking – in a year or so maybe, if you keep the work up).
Google is now one of the unique industry leaders when it comes to search engines. So the question of how to get onto the FIRST page of Google has interested me for years. I keep my eyes open for fresh SEO and new website promotion techniques that evolve from time to time in the amazing, continuously changing world of online marketing. The whole thing is about getting your website onto the first page of Google search results for your search terms or keywords as fast as possible, in a Google-friendly way — so your target customers CAN FIND YOU.

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750+ Free New Article Submission Sites List With High Pagerank

Article Submission is a best method to boost your website traffic and plays wonderful role to receive quality backlinks for websites. So promote your website through article directories to achieve more popularity and a better page rank. Top New High authority Free Article Submission Sites. Free high authority article submission sites list 2016: Submitting articles inside the top article submission sites plays an essential role as part of your online success. 700+ Free New Article Submission Sites List With good PR


What is Article Submission?

Article Submission is a very powerful element in the major search engines Optimization which is certainly one of the best ways to ride in huge visitors your website or blog. This is the internet marketing service wherein we write articles on certain topics and create manual submissions in relevant blogs, quality article directories, and content-rich websites.

How to Do article submission effectively.

Start with choose a reputed site from top article submission sites list below.
Visit the site and create your profile along with the required details. Some of them even have an option to login via your social account e. g. your Facebook ID.
After that login to your account increase your Profile. You may also replace the Account Settings from there.
To create your article, click on ‘Submit an Article’ or ‘New Article’ option which will take you to the publishing area.
There you might want to provide the title, summary from your content as well as keywords. Also select the appropriate category and sub-category (if any)
Place your written article from the article body. As said earlier, try to submit a detailed content.
In the box on the right or end of it of the page, you will find the Author Bio box for many sites. Fill in the writer of this report details. Few sites have a link time for your site in such a section.

The top 10 High PR Article Submission Web pages

Ezine Content
Ezine Level
Article Starting
Base Articles or blog posts
Article Take
Sooper Article content
Articles Factory:
Article Dice
Article Location
Easy Reports

Article Submission Sites List With High PR 9

Article Submission Sites List With High PR 8

Article Submission Sites List With good PR 7

Article Submission Sites List With good PR 6

Article Submission Sites List With High PR 5

Article Submission Sites List With High PR 4

Article Submission Sites List With good PR 3 or more

Article Submission Sites List With good PR 2

Article Submission Sites List With High PR 1

Article Submission Sites List With good PR zero

I’m hoping you found this Authority Article Submission Sites helpful. the best top 50 free article submission sites list with high PR but one more time I would like to you that don’t just copy and paste other sorts of people content and submit on these websites as these websites are very strict against this infect if devote some time and write good 300 to 400 words articles and submit so that you can obtain reward for your personal hard work. Thanks

10 Free Dofollow Backlinks From High PR

Building dofollow backlinks is one of the essential work related to SEO, if you want to rank your website higher in search engine. And what if they are of high PR, your rankings will simply boost in Google, bing and other search engines. High PR backlinks help blogs and websites to increase their traffic along with ranking. So today in this guide I am having a list of 15 free high PR dofollow websites on which you can build high PR dofollow backlinks in just few minutes.

After many days searching I have created this list to help you in getting high pr dofollow backlinks in seconds. Just go through the list and start working on backlinks.

How To Get High Quality Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR Websites
1. Backlink From BlogAdda

  • Go to blogadda.
  • Now register yourself their for new account.
  • Navigate to my account.
  • Their you will see a option Submit Your Blog.
  • Now add all your blog details and click on submit and that’s it.
  • You will get a dofollow backlink.

2. Backlink From Codecademy

  • Go to Codecademy.
  • Register for a new account there.
  • Go to your profile and add your website link.
  • That’s it. This will be a dofollow backlink from PR7.

3. Backlink From Granta

  • Go to Granta.
  • Register a new account on their website.
  • Fill your profile and add your website link while filling profile.
  • This will be a PR7 backlink.

4. Backlink From OneTab

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • Now search and install One-Tab extension in your browser.
  • Open your website/blog in your Firefox browser.
  • Click on one tab extension at the top in the right side.
  • It will open a new page, just click on Share as web page.
  • And that’s it, you will get a unique on which your backlink will be available.

5. Backlink From Copyrighted

  • Go to Copyrighted.
  • Create a new account there.
  • Now add a content that you own say your website. When filling details, it will ask you to add website URL, just add your website.
  • That’s it.

6. Backlink From AllTop

  • Go to Alltop.
  • Now select your category say it’s technology then go to tech category.
  • At the bottom of the page you will see a option to add your blog/website.
  • Just add you website details and in few days you will get a email confirmation from them that your site is submitted.

7. Backlink From Indugly

  • Go to Indugly.
  • Register a new account on the website.
  • Add photos from your blog and then the site will give a dofollow backlink by showing url blog/website link on the photos.

8. Backlink From Mozilla

  • Go to Mozilla.
  • Sign up for free Mozilla account.
  • Fill the required details and click on submit.
  • Verify your email in order to activate your account.
  • Now login to your Mozilla account and add your bio with a website’s link, that’s it.

9. Backlink From Ted

  • Go to Ted.
  • Sign up on Ted website.
  • After activation your account, go to your profile then edit profile.
  • Now scroll down the page and then you will find a link to insert your website.
  • Just add your website or blog and that’s it.

10. Backlink From Eventful 

  • Go to eventful.
  • Sign up to eventful.
  • Verify your account there.
  • Click on profile button and there you will see a button “Add More Info”. Just click on it.
  • Add link which putting your info using : <a href = ““> Your Keyword </a>.
  • That’s it, you will get high PR backlink.

100 Plus SEO high Paying Google CPC Keywords

Article without keyword is nothing because a keyword is use to target a specific point. I have a collection of SEO high paying adsense keywords, I made this list of collection from various sources but you can avail from it.


Review the below list of high paying CPC keywords, keep remember that these keywords only falls in Seo category.

 Keyword                        Price

  1. seo company                                  $19
  2. seo companies                         $22
  3. seo company uk                     $15
  4. best seo companies                     $25
  5. top seo companies                     $21
  6. local seo company                     $25
  7. professional seo company                 $32
  8. affordable seo company                 $37.5
  9. seo company Australia                     $24
  10. seo company reviews                     $24
  11. seo marketing companies                 $25
  12. seo marketing company                 $21
  13. the best seo company                     $32
  14. local seo companies                     $32
  15. small business seo company                 $43
  16. best seo company UK                     $31
  17. UK seo companies                     $46
  18. seo company essex                     $25
  19. cheap seo companies                     $21
  20. seo companies Australia                 $35
  21. seo companies uk                     $23
  22. seo company services                     $25
  23. seo agency                         $19
  24. cheap seo                         $9
  25. seo optimisation                     $17
  26. seo consultants                     $16
  27. seo link building                     $9
  28. seo pricing                         $11
  29. seo help                         $13
  30. search engine marketing                 $10
  31. website optimisation                     $13
  32. seo firms                         $24
  33. ecommerce seo                     $9
  34. on page seo checklist                     $12
  35. on page seo techniques                 $12
  36. first page seo                         $11
  37. off page seo                         $7
  38. search engine optimizer                 $12
  39. seo tips and tricks                     $15
  40. search engine optimization companies         $19
  41. organic seo tips                     $10
  42. best seo                         $14
  43. advanced seo techniques                 $8.5
  44. seo optimization techniques                 $11.5
  45. white hat seo techniques                 $14.4
  46. seo techniques pdf                     $23
  47. local search engine optimization             $14
  48. seo training certification                 $10
  49. seo training london                     $10
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  51. seo packages                         $11.4
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  81. seo program                         $12
  82. seo internet marketing                 $10.1
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How to Boost Adsense Earning by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Hi blogger and other website owners. Today, I brought to you a booster trick to increase AdSense earning. As we know, AdSense is one of the most trusted way of making money online. Many people create niche blogs targeting around high CPC keywords and spend lots of time in developing the blog. But, do you know? Your Adsense earnings might be low due to low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads. Have you ever thought of increasing your Google Adsense revenue by blocking some low CPC low paying ads?


What Is The Reason Behind Low CPC in AdSense?
There are several advertisers for the same keyword. Some advertisers bid High CPC but some of them pay very low bucks to the publishers for the same keyword. Some ad bid may give you only 0.01$ per click which are considered under the low CPC ads.
So, the reason is that some ads in Google Adsense has really low bid and that can be $0.01 per click. In this case, your Adsense earning might be lower if your blog shows this kind of Ads.

How to Block Low CPC Ads in Google AdSense?

There is a simple way to increase Google AdSense income by blocking Low paying ads. Adsense allows users to block ads from specific networks. I have shared the list of some Low CPC advertising networks. By using that adsense setting, you need to block low paying CPC keywords on your blog which will increase space for the other ads related to the keyword with high CPC.

Steps to Block Low Paying Ads:
Step 1: Login to your Google AdSense Account
Step 2: Click on Allow & block ads
Step 3: Here you can see there are several option for blocking multiple ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers etc. So, based on your blog/site content you can block different categorical ads by using this option. To show relevant ads, you can block those categories, which are not related to your niche or your keyword.


Step 4: Just click on Advertisers URLs and in the box you have to just paste the URLs and make a click on Block URLs.

List of 250+ Low CPC Ads :

Step 5: Now you can see the low paying Ads/URLs are blocked in your Google Adsense account.


Final Words:

So, these are the tutorials about increasing AdSense income by blocking Low CPC ads in your Google Adsense Account. You will surely benefit and increase Adsense earning. If you are not able to target high paying keyword which give high CPC, then this method surely increase your earnings with no risks! This tricks can’t give you $10 per click, but you can at least protect yourself from getting $0.01 per click.
If you find this post helpful then show your care by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites! Any quires about this method, feel free to share it in comments! And don’t forget to share your thoughts/ suggestions /feedback in comments too! Happy Blogging & Happy Earnings.

Download WP Rocket Premium WordPress Lightspeed Cache Codecanyon Plugin

WP Rocket Pro Plugin is a Premium WordPress Cache Plugin. if you Looking for a Faster Website?


Thanks to There Plugin, WordPress has never been so Efficient. Don’t waste your time taking advantage of a quick and intuitive configuration. Stop tearing your hair out and leave WP Rocket propel your site to the stars. You can also Download Previous version of this plugin WP Rocket v2.9.8.1 – Premium WordPress Cache Plugin. for More Information about this plugin please Click on Demo Button
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WP Rocket reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files through minification. Lighter files means faster load time!
Developer friendly
WP Rocket’s code is developed according to WordPress best practices. It is clean, commented and has loads of hooks so developers can easily make advanced customizations. demo

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Algoprog – Google Search Nulled Script Download

Create your own search engine. Use this powerful script to create your own search engine based on Google.


With this script you can instantly get results for Web, Images, Videos, News, Blogs, Files, Weather and smart results from Google’s Freebase knowledge graph database. Now you can also make money with Google AdSense results ads. Demo

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Tube Sniper PRO Software Free Download

Get Tube Sniper PRO 3.0 Software Free will help you cut lower time on keyword analysis as well as your online video marketing campaign.


The program is extremely simple to use or even a newbie may use it. All you need to do is key in a keyword and also the software will explain set up keyword includes a video within the top ten of Search results, and just how many searches the keyword has monthly.

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