How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Website

As a Blogger, we measure the growth of our blog using various factors. Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are the two major or prime factors. Most of you look at these two factors to conclude the growth of a Blog. Bloggers always thrive for a high Google Page Rank and Low Alexa Rank as this makes a huge difference in their earning.


Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are calculated based on the quality of the Blog, Website traffic and few other factors. Professional Bloggers say that Alexa Rank is not of that importance as Alexa’s calculation is not very accurate. Alexa tracks the traffic which uses the Alexa Toolbar or their widget. Since Alexa Rank is considered as one of the major factor in calculating the growth of our Blog; its must that we keep it very low. To help you out with this I have come up with a list of tips which will help to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog.

Top Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking of a Blog
Alexa Toolbar

Alexa tracks traffic which goes through their system i.e. it tracks only that traffic which has Alexa Toolbar installed in their system. So it is must for you to have Alexa Toolbar installed on your system. You can ask even you friends to do the same which helps in tracking more traffic.

Alexa tracks traffic which goes through their system i.e. it tracks only that traffic which has Alexa Toolbar installed in their system. So it is must for you to have Alexa Toolbar installed on your system. You can ask even you friends to do the same which helps in tracking more traffic.  Download Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Widgets

In order to track most of the traffic it is advisable to have an Alexa Widget on your Blog. You can download your widget from here… Alexa Widgets

Claim your Blog in Alexa

Claiming your Blog in Alexa will give complete control over your Blog. It will also help Alexa and others know you; thus increasing the ranking of your Blog.

Write About Alexa

This might sound weird but it does really work. Write a quality article on Alexa Ranking on your Blog and link back to them. This will help in bringing down the Alexa Rank a bit.

Visitors Review About Your Blog On Alexa

Whenever you help or guide someone in your Blog; do ask them for a short review about your Blog on Alexa. This will build a positive opinion about your Blog thus will help in Good Ranking.

Update Blog Regularly

This is one of the best ways to get some organic traffic from Google. More the traffic the less will be your Alexa Rank and this will help in generating a lot of traffic. Google love fresh content so if you post content regularly Google will offcourse rank you higher in Google search thus will help in generating organic traffic. The best thing about this factor is that the traffic you get will keep on increasing with days. I would say this is one of the top priorities for any Blogger in order to be successful.

Top Quality Content

So now posting anything regularly will not help you go ahead; instead posting excellent quality content regularly will be ideal for being successful. The best way to do is to do a lot of research work before starting with the article.

Build Network of Bloggers

Sharing our Knowledge is the best way to be successful and the same applies over here. Building a network of Bloggers will help in understanding and knowing things. Thus there will be lot of inputs from others which helps in growth of your Blog. Also most of the Bloggers will have Alexa Toolbar or Widgets installed thus helping in a better Alexa Ranking.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are must for any Blog in order to be successful in a long run. Backlink is one of the major factors when it comes to SEO; more the backlink more is the chance of ranking higher. There are few things which one has to look at while building Backlinks.

Things To Do:

  • Comment on Blogs which are relevant to your Blog
  • Always have a combination of both Do Follow and No Follow links
  • Build genuine links (10 quality links will be better than 100 spammed links)
  • Have text links too by doing some quality guest posting on others Blog (Google values this more)

Things Not To Do:

  • Never use any tools for building links
  • Don’t comment on Blogs which are not relevant to your Blog as this is considered as spam too
  • Never put in one liner comment on others Blog (It won’t be approved easily as this won’t add any value to that Blog)

There are tips to find Blogs which is relevant to yours. This link can come in handy for finding Blogs relevant to yours.

Promote through Social Networks

This is the primary way to promote your Blog to gain some decent traffic. There are lot of social networks like FB, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. which not only brings in traffic but also helps to Increase Alexa Rank.

From the above list you can conclude that Alexa Ranks mostly depends on traffic and that too traffic which goes through their system. So in order to rank higher in Alexa, our Blog should have a lot of traffic along with quality links. If you just focus on these points I bet that your site will start generating a decent traffic and it Increase Alexa Rank.

One can also go for paid service for a better Alexa Rank and even those service follow the points listed above. So if you have money you can go for it or else you can do it on your own. Try it and see your Blog ranking higher in Alexa.

How To Get your Blog Post Indexed Instantly in Google

Our main motto after writing a blog post is to get it indexed in major search engines like Google, Bing etc. Faster indexing will help in bringing more organic traffic towards your blog. If you are someone who writes 3-4 blog posts a day then the chance of getting your post indexed faster will be lot higher than someone who writes just one article a day or week. So if you belong to the 2nd group of people then here is a trick which will help your blog post indexed instantly in Google.


This trick is used by most of the professional bloggers to drive more traffic through blog posts instantly. It is completely legal to follow this trick and you won’t be penalized by Google or any other search engine for this.

Get your post indexed by Google instantly

You might have heard about Google Webmaster Tools; it is one of the handy tools which give a lot of information about your website. Most of you might have used this tool for uploading and indexing the site map of your website. We are going to make use of this tool to index your blog post instantly.

  • Log into Google Webmaster Tools; if you don’t have your account then do create one and add your website to it.
  • Now go to your sites Dashboard -> Crawl -> Fetch as Google
  • Type in your URL and click on Fetch 

That’s all your site will get indexed in few seconds. This is easy to do and is one of the most effective tricks. So if you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account then do get one right away.

Step 2

You have notified Google about your new post; now it is time for you to notify other search engines too. This is an easy peasy step too which you would be able to do with ease. In order to do this task we can make use of any of these online pinging sites like Pingler, Google Ping, Ping-O-Matic, Ping Farm or Pingates. I personally prefer Pingler for doing this work.

So you can log into any of these online pinging sites then you can put in your URL along with the keyword and get your post indexed instantly. Just a word of caution don’t try it on multiple sites instead just try it on any one of these sites. Do try it and get your blog post indexed immediately. If you have any queries regarding this article then do let me know by commenting.

High PR Dofollow Blogs List – Comments Instantly Approved

In my last article, I wrote about Blog Commenting and its Benefits. Today I am going to share list of High PR Dofollow Blogs which will bring more juice and traffic towards your blog.


When it comes to link building; blog commenting holds a higher weight in SEO. So if your website has more links from high PR blogs then the chance of your site ranking higher will be very high. Too much of dofollow link or nofollow link can hurt your site so a combination of both dofollow and nofollow link is must.

Most of the high PR blogs you find online will have nofollow comment links. So it is very difficult to find a high PR blog with dofollow comment links. Also it is more advisable to comment on blogs which is relevant to your niche thus making link building even more difficult. In this article you will find List of High PR Dofollow Blog commenting sites which can come in handy when it comes to building high quality links. The best thing about these sites is your comments will be approved instantly.

High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List – PR: 7 – Alexa: 323 -PR: 6 – Alexa: 63,353 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 32,614 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 113,115 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 76,996 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 94,700 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 12,323 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 634,350 – PR: 6 – Alexa: 48,063 – PR: 5 – Alexa: 132,282 – PR: 5 – Alexa: 57,279 – PR: 5 – Alexa: 106,458 – PR: 5 – Alexa: 70,664 – PR: 5- Alexa: 157,871 – PR: 5 –Alexa: 195,750

This list will be updated regularly with more such high PR blogs. Do go through each of these blogs and get in your links. If you face any problem with any of the blogs you can always let me know by commenting.

AutoSubmitter Search Engine List

The search engines listed in the Autosubmitter section maintain their own unique website databases and provide all or part of the search results to the search engines listed in the Third Party Results section.


This means when your website gets listed with the search engines in the Autosubmitter section it is also listed with the search engines in the Third Party Results section.

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How to Boost Adsense Earning by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Boost Adsense Earning by Blocking Low Paying Ads. Hi blogger and other website owners. Today, I brought to you a booster trick to increase AdSense earning. As we know, AdSense is one of the most trusted way of making money online. Many people create niche blogs targeting around high CPC keywords and spend lots of time in developing the blog. But, do you know? Your Adsense earnings might be low due to low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads. Have you ever thought of increasing your Google Adsense revenue by blocking some low CPC low paying ads?


What Is The Reason Behind Low CPC in AdSense?
There are several advertisers for the same keyword. Some advertisers bid High CPC but some of them pay very low bucks to the publishers for the same keyword. Some ad bid may give you only 0.01$ per click which are considered under the low CPC ads.
So, the reason is that some ads in Google Adsense has really low bid and that can be $0.01 per click. In this case, your Adsense earning might be lower if your blog shows this kind of Ads.

How to Block Low CPC Ads in Google AdSense?
There is a simple way to increase Google AdSense income by blocking Low paying ads. Adsense allows users to block ads from specific networks. I have shared the list of some Low CPC advertising networks. By using that adsense setting, you need to block low paying CPC keywords on your blog which will increase space for the other ads related to the keyword with high CPC.

Steps to Block Low Paying Ads:
Step 1: Login to your Google AdSense Account
Step 2: Click on Allow & block ads
Step 3: Here you can see there are several option for blocking multiple ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers etc. So, based on your blog/site content you can block different categorical ads by using this option. To show relevant ads, you can block those categories, which are not related to your niche or your keyword.


Step 4: Just click on Advertisers URLs and in the box you have to just paste the URLs and make a click on Block URLs.

List of 250+ Low CPC Ads :

Step 5: Now you can see the low paying Ads/URLs are blocked in your Google Adsense account.


So, these are the tutorials about increasing AdSense income by blocking Low CPC ads in your Google Adsense Account. You will surely benefit and increase Adsense earning. If you are not able to target high paying keyword which give high CPC, then this method surely increase your earnings with no risks! This tricks can’t give you $10 per click, but you can at least protect yourself from getting $0.01 per click.
If you find this post helpful then show your care by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites! Any quires about this method, feel free to share it in comments! And don’t forget to share your thoughts/ suggestions /feedback in comments too! Happy Blogging & Happy Earnings.

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2017

Google Adsense is the easiest monetizing network to generate money from your blog. You can use the list from high paying google adsense keywords 2017 if you have a blog and have good traffic then you can earn a good income by using Google Adsense high paying keywords into your blog posts. If you are an Adsense Publisher, chances that you want to increase your earning through more clicks. Sometime it happens that you have good CTR but still your estimated earning is low. For example, you got 40 clicks and your estimated earning was $0.23! It’s really an unexpected. Its ad serving algorithm works on the mechanism of keywords density which are used/exist in your posts.


or instance, if your blog posts niche is related to “car insurance” keywords then Google will show ads related to insurance on your website. If you want to earn more money from AdSense you must use Google Adsense high paying keywords. Otherwise using lowest paying keywords, your C.P.C (Cost per click) rate will be low and you cannot earn a healthy income from advertisements clicks.
You picked a keyword which have C.P.C (Cost Per Click) rate about to $1 and you get 100 clicks daily then daily your estimated earning will be
– Daily income $1 x 100 clicks=$100
– Monthly income $100 x 30 days= $3000
You are not responsible for this low earning. Actually, Low CPC (Cost Per Click) is responsible for your low earning. You might have noticed that Adsense shows Ads according to post contents mostly. Specifically, Ads are related with post’s keywords. CPC is related with these keywords.
But, if you use high paying keywords from google then you might increase your earning easily. You can use to find the high CPC keywords.
High Paying Google Adsense Keywords is the keyword that has high CPC for which advertisers (Adwords) are bidding for. Having high paying keyword mean more PPC income for publishers (the blog i.e. your website / blog).
I know you want to know which are high paying keywords? Wait, In this post I will show you how to find high paying Adsense keywords for your blog.
Finding high paying keywords is easy, but it’s not enough to increase your earning. To increase your earning, you’ll have to find the high paying targeted Keywords that will generate more traffic to your blog.
From different sources we know that some of the most expensive keywords are Insurance, Hosting, Lawyer, Donation, online classes etc. These keywords may not be related with your niche and even if it’s related with your niche, it’s really tough to rank for these keywords. So, you need to find the keywords that are related with your niche and easy to rank.

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How to Make Money with Google Adsense Tutorial Guide

In these days online business is considered reliable, profitable and secured. There are plenty of ways to earn online with different available sources. Earn money with Google Adsense is also the reliable and trusted way to earn handsome amount. There is no doubt that adsense is incredible earning source but majority of the people don’t have awareness why and how adsense pays you? Therefore some fraudulent people are making fool to innocent ones. That is way we have brought this post to aware and guide the people about how to make money with Google Adsense.


What is Google Adsense?
Well Google adsense is the best and highest Pay Per Click (PPC) network that was introduced by the Google Search Engine and was launched on 18th of June 2003. It was originally designed to help the owner of websites/bloggers to monetize the site material. Initially the performance of adsense was not good at all as it is today and with the passage of time due to development of adsense it has placed highest profitable business in the world. Millions in fact trillions of people across the world are earning huge amount with adsense because it gives you power to empower yourself and as well as family. There are several ways to earn potential money with Google adsense but Adsense for Content is the best and common way in which millions of people are earning successfully over the years. The question is that how Google pays the website’s owner and how much? Actually Google provides adsense account to the quality and original websites thus it allows to the owners of the approved website to put advertisement on the site and whenever a visitors comes to specific website and click on the ads powered by Google adsense, you earn money. Checkout here how to get approved Google adsense account.

How Will Google Considered Your Site for Adsense:
You will be always welcomed by the adsense if you have been successful to create a website with quality content and premier theme because adsense has clear & transparent policy for publishers. But in recent few years Google has made very strict policies for Asian countries especially for Pakistanis and Indian publishers because they find many scammers in this region that is why they had to strict but it doesn’t mean they will not award you Google adsense account. In some cases newbies are not able to get approved by the adsense and they disappoint but not to worry you can try Best Alternatives to Google Adsense for some time meanwhile you site get ranked and standard.

So if you are sincere to earn serious money with adsense then you must have to follow the instructions give below:
– Manage to create top level domain name website because is not good idea for long term earning with adsense.
– Choose wordpress platform because it easy to use and SEO friendly.
– Install necessary plugins for wordpress. Must Install Plugins for WordPress.
– Install premier theme on website to show your concentration towards earning.
– Post round about 60 quality/original/un-copied contents.
– The age of your site should at least 6 months.
– The design of your website should be easy for readers and navigation bar should also be cleared.
– Make sure you have done all SEO work properly.
– At least 300 to 400 original and organic traffic because Google hates paid and traffic comes from other illegal sources.
– Make the habit to think positive all the time because negative mind will be ended to disabled account.
– Keep updating your website with fresh content.

If have fulfilled the above mentioned criteria then you should go for adsense and get approved to start earning. You might not be able to approve at first attempt in that case try to remove errors pointed by the adsense in rejections emails. Weight at least for a month before going to second attempt to get easily approve by adsense. If you have any question regarding our post how to earn with Google adsense then ask in comments you be guided properly.

Improve Your SEO Using Twitter Tweets

Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited websites on the Internet. It has approximately 300 milion active users. Today, short text messages medium has become one of the most powerful tools of online marketing. Twitter is a large network and has the potential to supplement your SEO activities. If you are running your business online you should understand there is a great deal of free advertising available in the form of optimal search engine rankings. This means if your website ranks high enough to appear on the first page of the search results, you will likely enjoy increased website traffic. If the tweets from your account are focused and topical then it surely helps you to establish your online reputation and build a brand online.


We can help you get free Twitter followers! Our steadily growing community, just like you, is dedicated to increase number of tweets, followers and get business more “Social Media Exposure” with our tools like Free twitter Followers or Tweets! JOIN Free

Based on the number of Tweets containing, this is the average position on the search results:

Number Of Tweets on Page URL’s —- Average Rank
500    —-    45.81
1.000    —-    40.76
5.000    —–    30.51
7.500    —-    4.96

Where pages that were shared more than 50 times all saw a ranking benefit, those that were shared more than 7.500 times almost always appeared on Google’s first page!

Make Your Content More Shareable On Twitter
Although, there are many factors at play when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the more your content is shared, the higher it is ranked in the search results.
Therefore, it is critical that you make your content as interesting as possible to increase the likelihood of it being shared, and that you actively encourage sharing by your audience.

10 Tips to Improve Your SEO Using Twitter
1. Brand Name
Your brand name or username should reflect your site name or offered services as this is what will be mentioned and displayed as your network, re-tweeted your posts. The more re-tweets your post’s get, the higher its significance.
2. Profile / Bio
As a point of reference, put your website link on your profile page. The “bio content” is the information part of your Twitter. Maximize it and make it relevant to your website. The link that you display on your twitter profile, point it to a relevant page that will help with your conversions, rather than just pointing it back to your websites home page.
3. Links
Since Google is now displaying tweets in SERPs, despite nofollow, putting your links on your posts will aid your link building activities or has the potential of giving a wider web presence. Also, accompany your links with effective keywords. You can post your links several times or in interval in order to maximize possible keywords and contents, and exposure.
4. Hash Tags
Hash Tags is a Twitter feature that works like a meta data for your tweets. These are posts with “#” symbol like “#web” and “#development”. Hash Tags help organize tweets and determine the trending information in Twitter.
5. Mentions
If you to mention users in Twitter you need to put a “@” symbol before their usernames. It is like a retweet effect and the more your account is retweeted, the higher your relevance. It is like voting policy. Hence, whenever you tweet, or Re-Tweet other users ensure to use the @symbol before their username.
6. Be a Help to Others
Re-tweeting, other relevant posts especially those that are of the same niche with yours will help you build your brand and promote your services. Posting everything coming from your site may somehow looks like a spam. Also, as you retweet, you have been a help to others too, by giving your followers a good choice of links to view.
7. Tweet Interval
Do not post bulk of tweets at once because this will annoy your followers, clogging up their stream, but instead spread your tweets out over the day with a decent interval.
8. Blog Site
Promoting a blog site like your corporate one is a good option too. Blog sites can provide more information to your visitors and is the best place to interact with them, help them, know their thoughts, allow them to share your articles and contribute contents via comments, and also giving them the option to Re-Tweet your articles.
9. Twitter Button
Twitter button is now a requirement to many websites because it’s easier way for share website pages.
10. Get Free Twitter Follower
Build your online brand. An effective Twitter account does not just help in your SEO, but it will build your online brand, and increase visibility of your company and brand, by building new connections.
Last but not the least, determine a purpose for your Twitter presence. Do you want to focus on customer support or share information about your products and services or would you like to engage with your potential customers or maybe just like to converse with people from your own industry, etc. Only when you have a purpose you will get a direction and only then it is possible to monitor and measure the success.

By managing well, you will have a higher chance to create a bigger network, connect more to people and gain the promotion you need.

High PR Backlinks for boost in your seo search engine

Backlinks are Incoming Links pointed from other websites to your site. Backlinks are also known as Incoming Links, Inbound Links , Inlinks and Inward Links. A backlink can be obtained from any web assets like ( social media site, video hosting sites, directories, blogs, websites, forums, news site.)


Backlinks play very important Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Because each Relevant Inbound link treated as vote in Search engine algorithm. More votes and quality content on your page , Higher ranking or Higher exposure in Search engine. Here is a list of extremely high PR sites that you are able to post your backlinks to for an instant boost in your seo search engine optimization rankings.

Get Full Lists High PR Backlinks for boost in your seo search engine

1. PR9 Forum Profile Links (in VisitorComments) Register at and confirm.Then log in and click on Profile, and click on the Visitor Messages tab.Create a visitor message with a BBCode link in it. Then view themessage you just created, and click on Permalink to see the live link.

2. PR8 Profile Links (in Bio section)Register and confirm. Then log in and edit your Profile. Add an HTMLlink to your bio section and give it a name.

3. PR8 Links In PostsRegister with your Facebook or Twitter account. Then click on theCompose A Chime (little pen) icon and compose a post. Include a linkwith your post using the link icon. Then you can also add a comment toyour new post and include a bare link in the text.

4. PR7 Profile LinkRegister with your Facebook account. Then click on Edit Profile, andselect Have A Website. Place a bare URL in that field, and save.

5. PR7 Profile Link (in Tell People About Yourself section) Sign up and confirm. Then log in edit your profile and drop anHTML link in the Tell People About Yourself section.

6. PR8 Personal Website LinksSign up (no confirmation needed). Then log in and use the web site editorto create your website. Add a Paragraph With Title block, add some text,select the word you want to make into a link, click the link icon, and setthe URL. Then hit Publish, and your website is published.

7. PR8 Profile Links (in the About Me and Homepagesections) Sign up and confirm your account. Drop an HTML link in theAbout Me section of your profile. You can also put a bare link in theHomepage box.

8. PR8 Member Blog Register and confirm. Thenlog in and click Blog. Configure your blog title and settings(recommended: disallow comments). Click “Create Blog”. Then createyour first post with the WYSIWYG editor; type the text of your blogpost, select a word you want to turn into a link, click the link icon, andtype in the URL you want to link to. You can also include an HTML linkin the About Me section of your profile and a bare link in the Websitesection.

9. PR7 Profile Link (in Homepage section)Register and confirm. Then log in and edit your profile. Drop a bare linkin the Homepage section.

10. PR8 Profile Links (in Website Links section)Register and confirm. Then log in and edit your Main Profile. Add aname for each website and the URL, then click Add. You can add up tothree links this way. Save your profile.

11. PR7 Profile link (in Website section)Join and confirm. Log in and click on your user name and then on EditSettings. Fill out the profile and put a URL in the Website section andgive your website a name.

12. PR7 Profile Links (in Long Bio section)Sign up (no confirmation needed). Then log in and click your user nameto get the drop-down menu. Choose Profile, and edit your Long Biosection. Include text and HTML links.

13. PR7 Profile Links (in My Blog and OtherWebsites sections) Register and confirm. Then log in and click YourProfile->Edit Profile->Web And Network Activity. In the Blogs section,add links by filling out the Title box and the URL box,and then clicking Save; to add more, click Add A New Blog. In the OtherWebsites section, add bare links by filling the URL box, and thenclicking Save; to add more, click Add A New Website. To get the URLof your profile, search your user name in the Search Nature Network.

14. PR7 Member Blog Register (no confirmationneeded). Then hover over your user name and click on Profile. Then clickon Blog. Click on Create A Blog Post, then Discuss One Of My Photos.Upload an image from your computer, give you post a title, and type textinto the body of the post. Select words you want to turn into a link, clickthe link icon, and type the URL to link to.

15. PR7 Member BlogSign up and confirm. Then log in and click on My Political Notebook,write an entry and drop an HTML link into the Add Link section of theentry.

16. PR8 Profile Links (in Who Am I section)Sign up and confirm. Then log in and click on your user name, and selectProfile from the drop down menu. Then click on Edit Profile. Fill out theWho Am I section with some text, select one or more words you want toturn into a link, and click the link icon. Type in the URL you want tolink to. Save your profile.

17. PR7 Profile Link (in Homepage section)Sign up and confirm. Then log in and edit your profile. Select thePersonal Information tab, and put a bare link in the Homepage section.

18. PR8 Profile Link (in Website section)Register and confirm. Then log in and edit your profile. Put a bare link inthe Website box.

19. PR7 Forum Profile Links (inHomepage and Signature) Register at and confirm. Then log in and clickUser Panel. Edit your details. Put a bare link in the Homepage box.Include bbcode links in the Signature.

20. PR7 Profile Link (in Homepage section)Sign up and confirm your registration. Then edit your settings and drop abare link in Homepage section.

Free BackLinks for your SEO website

Free backlink generator tool builds quality backlinks. With the click of a button, do your best SEO homework and generate more than 2500+ of high value backlinks for free.

This tool automatically creates a page about your website or blog on other high PR (Pagerank) websites. Creating pages may take some time so after clicking on the “Start” button you will need to wait and this tool will show reports that where your pages are created. Most of these websites are very popular like alexa, digg and baidu. Almost all backlinks this tool creates are dofollow but some of them are nofollow. These quality backlinks are very helpful for your websites because most of the backlink pages contain your website title, meta description and meta keyword tags. Most of the websites have keyword density tool buit-in so pages contents are very related to your site content. When you have references from 300+ websites, it will be huge help to rank your website.

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