Top 200+ Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List

Blog commenting part comes under Off page SEO work. There are many ways to create backlinks for your blog out of which one is blog commenting. In blog commenting we do comment on different blogs related to our blog niche. It is important to comment on blogs related to our blog niche only.


When you see any good article related to your blog topics and you feel like commenting on it, you can find out a commenting box at the end of that article. Before commenting you should read the content first and then write a comment regarding that article or suggest or share any knowledge regarding that article or if you think something more should have been added to that article you can write that in the comment section. Before submitting it will ask you to fill in your name, email, website link with your comment. Fill in all the required information and submit it.

Types of blogs: Nofollow and Dofollow Blogs

If you are an SEO guy or somehow connected to any kind of SEO work then you must have been familiar with these two types of blogs: Nofollow and Dofollow blogs. All blogs are divided into nofollow and dofollow. Blogs which are providing dofollow links is known as Dofollow blogs. And blogs which are providing nofollow links are known as Nofollow blogs. There are many browser extensions, plugins or tools are available to check nofollow or dofollow links. I am using SEOquake extension to check dofollow and nofollow links.

200+ Blog Commenting Sites with High DA and Better Alexa Rank

The days are gone when blogs are categorized based on PageRank value. Nowadays Alexa rank, DA, PA and MOZ rank are the qualities one should check before getting any backlinks. Getting backlinks from good a site having good Alexa rank and higher domain authority can improve your blog’s Alexa rank and increase your domain authority.

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Free 600+ Directory Submission Sites List for Quality Backlinks

One great technique can be link building. Quality backlinks can give you immense traffic. This can affect your site ranking greatly. One simple way is submitting your link to high PR directories.


A directory is a website that keeps a catalog of the classified listing of links. People can locate informative links to relevant websites for any required category.

These directories can be great tools for link building and branding of the website. You can get inbound and one-way links from these sources. One-way link is really hard to achieve for any blogger.

Directory Submission’ is a search engine optimization strategy for any website. It is a process of listing your website with its URL and a well-written description clubbed with keywords under an appropriate category.

This is one fine way to generate a quality backlink. Some of the directories are well ranked so you have chances of additional exposure in SERP.

In earlier times, directory submission was the prioritized strategy for getting higher ranks in search engine result pages. But for now, this is no longer a regular practice. But directories still hold their importance. Your page rank can be affected in SERP.

Now, You might think how can a directory be a reliable source.

When you submit a link to a directory, Human editor checks the relevancy and uniqueness. After a thorough scrutiny, your link gets approved. It shows the credibility of the website. Hence, Search engines consider the website listed in the directories.

Directory submissions send you relevant traffic:
It allows people to discover right link under the right category. Anyone searching for any type of product or services tends to search it on SERP. The directories with higher PR shows up. If your link is listed there under the same category you have chances to show up. Relevant traffic means increased sale, more conversion, and low bounce rates.

Directory submissions give you quality one-way links:
Web directories are number one source of the one-way inbound link. Web directories, unlike guest bloggers, do not expect backlinks.

Directory submissions are free:
Mostly the directories welcome links for free. There are only few that charge a pay for links. So, traffic increase without paying is a good deal.

Directory submissions helps in permanent listings:
This is a great method to list your website permanently in directories which may list their listings in other websites of higher value.

Directory submissions results in faster search engine indexing:
The web crawlers crawl every newly updated or added link. They start crawling web directories on first. If the link of your website is one premium directories. You have chances of getting it indexed quickly.

Also, When a new search engine is launched, it tends to begin crawling the web directories on first hand to capture the database of all valid links. You don’t need to place your link on every search engine. Directory submissions serve your purpose here.

Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice:
When you submit website URL you are asked to enter the site title other than URL. This site title contains a keyword. This creates and anchor text. So, now you have an anchor text of your choice which acts as a catalyst in SEO process.

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Download Search Engine Submission Sites List 2016 Free

Download Search Engine Submission Sites List 2016 Free, Submit your website or blog for the top search engines submission is one of the most important steps for SEO. We know that all the users of Internet use a search engine to search anything so that it is imperative your website is indexed in search engines. But you need to increase users so that you need to submit your website and all posts all search engines. So I provide you the all top search engines that give you quality traffic related to your website. In this process, we tell the search engine about our website and blog posts. Most of the time, the search engine bots crawl through your web pages and index them in their server database.Crawling and Indexing is an essential term for Web search results. I am sure that most of you know the above words.


Crawling: Crawling is the main factor in Search Engine. Search engines use search spider or web crawler to crawl through the different web pages. They reach to every possible page on the web and display them in the search engine results.

Indexing: After crawling, the indexing is the next step, search engine bots includes the web page in its database and index according to the search queries or keywords. Download: