Video Ad PopUp Plugin Free Download

Video Ad POPUP is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to EASILY add targeted ads (overlay) on videos displayed on your site.


Videos from: youtube, metacafe, vimeo, and most other popular video sharing platforms.
Package includes:
– WP Plugin
– User Guide

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WP Plugin PingAutomatic 2.0 Download

PingAutomatic 2.0 Free WordPress Plugin Download. The software is very easily install able that makes your website’s backlinks up to date so they are always viewed by Google. Don’t waste your time in making lists of backlinks that will never be indexed in Google and not worth more than a piece of crap. Many software’s are giving backlinks but most of them are useless and are generated by themselves, with this software you will get authentic keywords.


Ping Automatic 2.0 is an easy to install piece of software that keeps your backlinks fresh so that they continue to be seen by Google. There is nothing more frustrating than building a bunch of backlinks that never get indexed, or worse, that slowly disappear over time. With Ping Automatic 2.0: keep your sites ranking high, keep all your site’s pages indexed & ranking high, get (and keep) all your backlinks indexed, drive tons and tons of link-juice to your site.

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Plugin Like Jacking Ninja Lite Nulled Download

How a Secret WP Plugin Sent 9,157 Likes to a FB Page on Complete Autopilot in 30 Days Resulting in Over $1,100 of Income. Stop Risking Your FB Pages Buying Fake Likes When You Can Drive 1000’s of Real Likes on Total Auto-pilot to ANY Facebook Page or Website Using a Set and Forget WP Plugin… If you’re serious about being able to take advantage of the powerful viral nature of Facebook and drive incredible amounts of FB Likes to any Facebook page or website without having to beg and plead your visitors to hit the “like” button then this WP plugin is exactly what you need right now!!


FB Like Jacking Ninja Features:
– Works on mobile and desktop traffic…
– Advance features to keep you off the FB radar…
– Have TOTAL control over all parts of the Like Jacking…
– Deactivate the plugin at certain times of the day
– Avoid jacking traffic from certain IP’s……
– Avoid jacking traffic from certain referrers…
– Only jack a percentage of your sites traffic…
– Only jack visitors from certain countries/cities…
– Works in total stealth mode…
– Your visitors will never know they’ve been like jacked…
– Get Likes for any FB page or website URL…
– Safe to use with AdSense…

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WP Plugin AdsensePrever v4.0 Free Download

Adsenseprever is a plugin for monetizing adsense and avoiding silly banners.


Before installing, you must do the following:
– Delete the previous version.
– Clear the WordPress cache.
– Delete any “adsenseprever” records in the Database.
– License Code: DARTH VADER

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SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download

SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 – WordPress Plugin – With this WordPress plugin you can easy integrate the SVG Avatars Generator, which lets your visitors create custom avatars. This Generator is based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), which is supported by all modern browsers and does not depend on screen resolutions.


SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download – Size: 0.83 MB

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Yoast Premium SEO Plugin v3.7.2

Yoast Premium SEO Plugin free download


Yoast SEO (formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for users. It incorporates everything from a snippet editor and real time page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between.

Yoast Premium SEO Plugin free download