Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 Mod Unlocked Apk Android Download

Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 new super cute game with HD graphics and unique design style taxi and simulation games for Android is priced at $ 1.44 StrongUnion Games studio hours ago Google released in large supermarkets again, as always, decided to present for the first time in Iran taxi introduce you game lovers! In this game different types of machines in 1976 to be put at your disposal to transport passengers to taxi and get busy! All passengers are in a hurry and you need to take to reach its top speed and to collect money to buy better equipment or improve it pay! HD graphics, sound exciting, well-designed and detailed environments with a nice touch controls and addictive gameplay make this game great, welcoming face; if the taxi Android game enthusiasts are undoubtedly Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 with good design will attract your attention!


Game Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 selling well and have an excellent rating from 5.0 to win 4.9, features of the game can be fun missions, great controllers, good design with real images, real travelers and animated, intelligent traffic systems, collecting money to buy a different car, pointed Adversity HD graphics and gameplay! Games we tested on Android devices LG G3 Android 5 and offline without having to run the Internet has now purchased copy it for free at your disposal and we can do it with a single click the SOFDL download.

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