Argus Amazing iOS Fitness apps

There was a time when mobile phones were just used for the purpose of calls and messages only but with the passage of time the smartphones changed the concept of mobile usage and it seems that in shape of smartphones one is carrying a technology hub along with them. Now the more positive use of smartphone according to me is the fitness check through the cell phones. If one wants to monitor their fitness, goals diet plans then using the smartphones is the best way the help of flashy little apps being downloaded on to their phones which are handy free to use and easy to handle as well.


In previous times it was considered as witchcraft to link phones to fitness but now it is getting very common day by day. Now the smartphones are considered as source of fitness tool by the help of their sensors built-in in hand sets. We are very well familiar with the Apple’s I phone series and their iOS.Apple updates their iOS almost every year in September. They have large number of fitness apps.I have tried to compile a list of apps for the iOS which are considered to be the best apps that actually enable results. These apps will help you to take the maximum benefit out of your iPhone regarding one’s health and fitness.

Argus is a free app available on iOS is activity tracker gateway app.Argus tracks the activity directly through the iPhone rather than via separately purchased long as the phone is with the person all day long Argus will watch the movements of a can log workouts, keep an eye on the amount of water drank, taking photos of food to inspire oneself to stick to a healthy life style. Be cautious because Argus drains the battery quickly but not on iPhone 5swith the built in M7 coprocessor, designed exactly for this purpose.