Hight PR Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration

Social bookmarking sites are very helpfull in gaining quality backlinks no matter they are no follow or do follow ones but they are of very good quality and high PageRank .


These sites gives you boost in traffic and also help you in better search engine rankings(seo benefit ) without doing any user registration . However , some peoples tried to get backlinks of dofollow type and then their balance of backlinks becomes unstable . In this case when you have more do follow backlinks than  nofollow ones , a manuall review of backlink profile is done by google’s anti-spam team. So its better if you create both dofollow and no follow backlinks to your site. So iam giving you below a list of dofollow social bookmarking site for 2015 . Register there and start optimizing social sites. Don’t start spamming because these sites are trusted ones . In future they can help you in many ways , so its better to run your account , and slightly increase your backlinks counts.

Advantage of social bookmarking sites
1= it increases brand popularity .
2= it helps in increasing search engine rankings because search engine gives value to social bookmarking sites.
3= it increases high quality PageRank and domain authority by providing quality backlinks to your site .
4=it helps in faster indexing of your site because search engine uses social bookmarks for indexing purpose and also deeper indexing.
5=it helps in targeted traffic to targeted pages of websites.
6= because of targeted traffic it decrease bounce rate of website.
7=it may help your post in becoming viral means lot of quality visitors to your site .

How to build backlinks with social bookmarking sites.
The concept is simple , just go to below dofollow social bookmarking sites and register their for an account . Add your website’s link and you are done. All your shared links will count as backlinks to your sites.
I got 1295 visitor per day from stumbleupon.com and redit.com . You can easily increase these figures  by optimizing social media sites in effective way .

New and Free Dofollow instant approval Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration:

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Best social bookmarking sites list without Registration

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