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Youtube Bot Viewer With Fresh Proxy Lists

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YouTube Viewer is a great application that supports pretty much everything you can do directly on the YouTube website (well, without uploading or editing videos), but it lacks a pretty important feature: it can’t play 1080p videos. That’s because YouTube now uses DASH for 1080p videos, with separate audio and video streams, which is not supported by YouTube Viewer for now. Update: the application can now play 1080p videos but for some reason it can’t download them so the best downloaded video quality continues to be 720p.

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As an entrepreneur, I (James Upjohn) get into lots of projects. I have sold my own software, am an Internet Marketing Coach, I make affiliate commissions, offer local business consulting, joined a few Networking Marketing companies and run an SEO membership site.
The Biggest Mistake EVERYONE Makes Is Going After The WRONG Keywords, But… Finding Them Was Extremely Frustrating And Time Consuming!
I identified 90 popular, long-tail keywords, with no more than one competitive video. My thought was: What happens if I upload optimized videos for keywords with 400 – 5000 searches a month, with no competition? What if I uploaded one video a day for 90 days?
Now these were not professionally produced 2 hour long videos. Most were short and crudely made. They’ll never win any awards. They took maybe 10 minutes a day to write out and produce, then another 10 minutes to upload and optimize.
After a few days, I was quick enough to do them in about 5 minutes flat.
After 90 days, my affiliate commissions from Clickbank ranged from $3000 to $5000 a month, and have remained at that level for fifteen months. So, do you think those “five-minutes-to-produce”, “high ranking keywords that everyone ignores or can’t find” videos will continue to pull in auto-pilot affiliate commissions? Yes… pretty much for as long as I leave them up…

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