PayPerSeed SEO Backlink Builder Free Download

PayPerSeed is your one stop SEO solution to finding finally an affordable and effective way to build hundreds of new and high quality backlinks.


PayPerSeed, you are getting in control of your own link building, but as the software offers a high level of automation, you will be free to focus on the important aspects of your business, while PayPerSeed will be silently working in the background and add hundreds of links to your chosen web properties.

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Download Christmas Coloring Latest App For Android APK

Christmas Coloring Latest App For Android APK So much impressive coloring book related to the Christmas event that were held in December of every year. Free app for all boys and girls who loves Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas-trees, gifts or elves. With this app you can color your cards and send it to your friends and family.
This is the perfect coloring pages app with free lots of designs of Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, gift, elves, part and snow. This is a perfect game for stimulating the creativity of a baby,toddler or school student. But it’s also lot of fun for a teenager or adult. If you or your little boy or girl loves Christmas and likes to paint or draw, this game is great.


– Fun to play
– You can save and load your own painting
– Create your own painting
– Many different colors are available
– Easy navigation for kids and toddlers

We have over 50 free designs in six different themes:
– Santa claus
– Christmas trees
– Reindeer
– Elves
– Snowman
– Christmas gifts Free Download:

LaraSound – Autopilot Music Search Engine Free Download

LaraSound is Autopilot Music Search Engine, with this script you don’t need save any mp3 file to your hosting because this script using SoundCloud API. with this script users can search tracks by Artist name, Title or Album name. and in admin dashboard you can setting your site.


– Unlimited SoundCloud Account, Don’t worry about request limit API
– Dynamic Sitemap, this is the best way for SEO technique
– Clean URL, this is the best way for SEO technique
– Multilingual, LaraSound support 5 language (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Chine). you can add your own language if you want
– Social media login (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus)
– Support Facebook opengraph
– Support Twitter opengraph
– Share Button
– 100% Responsive Design
– Many Theme Color
– Advertising with smart position (you can choose image or HTML/JS ads type)
and many more… Demo

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Traffic Jeet Software Latest Version Free Download

The six amazing Youtube Tools in one suite. There are many great features in this Traffic Jeet software achieving great success in the field of Youtube Marketing. Traffic Jeet is a full featured video marketing research and analytics software. This Traffic Jeet Software Suite gives you many powerful tools to do basic keyword and market research and also gives you platform, to monitor your videos and your competitor videos and rankings. It is divided into six modules which will be discussed next in the article. With the help of this software suite, you will understand your niche better and easily get your competitors research easily and grab more traffic and better ranking.


Traffic Jeet Software Benefits:
Through this software, you can easily do a comparison between your channel and your competitor’s channel.
Through this Traffic Jeet software, you can easily find out which of your competitor’s videos are better than yours.
You can get highly targeted keywords & attract the huge amount of free organic traffic to your channel.
Rank better on Google and get traffic from the search engine which is genuine traffic.
Get better advantage of PPC by knowing that which keywords will pay you best.

Traffic Jeet Software Suite Tools and Features:
-Traffic Jeet – As mentioned above that this is a best research and analytics tool for YouTube. With the help of this, you can get keyword information, competition data, and rankings etc.
Tube Reaper Jeet – Tube Reaper Jeet is the best tool for long tail video keywords finder. Through this tool, you will get thousands of unique video keywords in a few seconds.
Tube Inspector Jeet – Tube Inspector Jeet tool is used for analyzing Google Keyword data which helps you in finding profitable niches and keywords that are under targeted in Google.
Tube Detonator Jeet – Tube Detonator Jeet helps in better ranking on YouTube but nowadays a huge part of the video traffic comes from Google search engine.
Tube Chimp Jeet – With the help of Tube Chimp Jeet you will get all the data of your competitors and get their keywords that help you to rank your video.
VidWords Jeet – Vidwords Jeet helps you in research according to your niche. Download Traffic Jeet Software Latest Version Free:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Free Download

Seo tool that can analyze any website to fetch data for onsite seo, automatically crawls urls and website to get analysis for onsite seo. This is the screaming frog with licence key available free to download at greenhatworld. It is a java program that you can install on windows or Mac, crawls websites and analyze for SEO purposes, it is a free tool to download and use but with the free version you will get some limitations however by using the license keys in the download you can use the premium features of this tool.


– Download the software and install with the guided instructions.
– Crawling: It can crawl up to 500 URLS on free version but gets unlimited on the paid version.
– Crawl the URLS using sub folder crawl option.
– You can give your custom list of urls to be crawled by screaming frog spider.
– There should be a good RAM memory to use for crawling big websites.
– After that you have crawled websites with this seo crawler you can now save the analytics data.
– You can set up your own configuration and set them as default configuration.
– Exporting your analysis data for crawled sites is quite easy.

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Top 5 Best Anti Virus for iPhone, iPad (iOS) free Download

Having an amazing Smartphone like iPhone or another iOS device gives us nice desire in our lifestyle. iPhone gives us premium touch and wide brand value, iPhone itself is a class nowadays. But apart from brand value and premium look, have you ever wondered about your iPhone’s security, I mean security of your personal data on your iPhone or other i-devices. Yes, I am talking about Anti Virus for iPhone.


What if your all personal data like photos, documents, videos, music etc. are not safe at all? Sounds bad right? As per current digital market is heating up for security issues, you should be much aware of security for your iPhone device to protect your all important data (documents, photos, videos etc.). Hence, all you need is a good anti virus for your masterpiece.

Best iPhone Antivirus Apps free Download

So, bellow is the overview and list of top 10 best anti virus for iPhone. Choose your own anti virus from here to protect your iPhone for free and stay free peace of mind.

1. Avast Secure Me

Yes! Its name explains it all. Obviously! You are familiar to Avast and they provide us vast collection of anti virus app for free and pro versions for all available platform. It is free to download for your iPhone from App Store and from Avast Website. The Avast Secure Me protect being known as world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while device is connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi.

This app allows you to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and notifies you whether it is safe or not. Although, Avast Secure Me features virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to encrypt browsing experience. It helps you to protect your emails, browser history, and personal data from thieves. Unlock to Download:

2. Lookout Mobile Security

One of the best mobile security for iPhone or other iOS devices. This anti virus is quite popular for iOS users and personally my favorite too. This allows you to backup your all of personal data. This app secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi, if network is founds unsafe by the Lookout app. It’s also tracks your device and it’s helpful to find out your lost iPhone device. Lookout is free to download for your iPhone and give your iPhone complete protection. Unlock to Download:

3. McAfee Mobile Security

This anti virus is another brand name in its arena. McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing security bugs and protects your iPhone device. Your can download this anti virus for iPhone for free but you can opt out to pro version paying some bucks to enable more features. This app protects you from the unsecured website if there are any harmful issues found. Unlock to Download:

4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton also most known security brand. Their mobile security app detects unsafe app from your installed iPhone device and protects you from cyber criminals. Unlike another security app Norton Mobile Security also protect you unsafe website browsing with its Safe Browsing feature and alert you from the harmful website including fishing or malicious links. It’s an all packed mobile security free to download for iPhone users. Unlock to Download:

5. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier app is free to download from App Store for iPhone or other iOS users. It’s so fast analyzing your iPhone data and protects you from the malicious file or repair it. VirusBarrier not only protects your iPhone, it helps you to protect your Mac or Pc from malicious files. Other features like Safe Browser, Location Tracker, and Safe Wi-Fi connect help you to protect your iPhone device. Unlock to Download:

SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download

SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 – WordPress Plugin – With this WordPress plugin you can easy integrate the SVG Avatars Generator, which lets your visitors create custom avatars. This Generator is based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), which is supported by all modern browsers and does not depend on screen resolutions.


SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download – Size: 0.83 MB

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Youmax v2.1 Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script

Youmax v2.1 Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script pulls in your videos from YouTube & Vimeo and shows them on your website. This is automatic. So when you add a new video on YouTube, you don’t have to update your site again.


Youmax v2.1 – Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script

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Auto Post Pro Plugin WP 3.5 Free Download

WP Auto Post Pro Plugin 3.5for free download. This plugin is design to setup autoblogs. You can add new campaign with campaign types, keyword campaign, RSS campaign and BrowseNode campaign. You have keywords categories to post your templates in main settings and set timer that how much time after it will be published. It is such an amazing plugin.


Download WP Auto Post Pro Plugin 3.5  Free File Size: 2.09MB Price: Free

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