Easy BMI Calculator Android Studio Mobile Application CodeCanyon Download

Easy BMI Calculator Android Studio Mobile Application is a beautiful Android native application made for BMI calculation. It design with latest UI and UX studies and rules.


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Email Marketing Robot Download

Download Email Marketing Robot from our software library for free. Email Marketing Robot relates to Home & Hobby Tools. The actual developer of the software is Android Marketing. Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe.


Introducing the EMAIL MARKETING ROBOT – your automated marketing department. The tool businesses have been waiting for to legally capture company details and communicate with your target market, based on criteria you want to use. The EMAIL MARKETING ROBOT is the application of breakthrough software technology to generate an avalanche of traffic and email leads on 100% autopilot as often as you wish. This allows you to generate traffic, build a massive email List and place your messages in front of your prospective customers with just the pushing a button. You may want to check out more software, such as Article Marketing Robot, Email Marketing Express or Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, which might be related to Email Marketing Robot.

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Photo Stamp Remover Download

Photo Stamp Remover Free Download For Remove Logos Stamps From photos. Some Paid Or Free Photo You Want to use But On photo You See Stamps Or Logos.


Photo Stamp Remover Free Download For Remove Logos Stamps From photos. Some Paid Or Free Photo You Want to use But On photo You See Stamps Or Logos And You Have A not Solution How to use. So Here A Solution For You You Can Easily Remove Stamps Watermark Logos From photos With Single Click. You Are Not Need Any photo Editing Knowledge Just Use this Photo Stamp Remover And Remove Unwanted From photos.

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Facebook Target Audience Finder Free Download

Facebook Target Audience Finder For Facebook Marketing Free Download. Facebook is best way to promote anthing. FB Target Audience Finder Help You To Grab Scrap Data from facebook. This tool Extract Emails group ids profile ids with one Click.


FB Target Audience Finder For Facebook Marketing Free Download. Facebook is best way to promote anthing. FB Target Audience Finder Help You To Grab Scrap Data from facebook. This tool Extract Emails group ids profile ids with one Click. Target active and most Passionate facebook users.Search in Graph Search, Fan pages, Groups and Events with a specific keyword or graph search query and extract Facebook Emails or ID’s of users who liked pages, and who liked or commented page posts and save it to a text file.

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MARVEL Avengers Academy Apk Mod Free Shopping Instant Actions Download

Experience the MARVEL Avengers as you’ve never seen them before! Build the ultimate Super Hero academy, and play as your favorite Avengers characters reimagined as students developing their superpowers. Enroll today and become a hero!


Hydra is at it again. In light of a recent attack that defeated S.H.I.E.L.D., Director Nick Fury has founded Avengers Academy. The goal: to teach young heroes how to develop their unique abilities and triumph over evil. A young Iron Man is the first to sign up and ready to recruit new heroes, such as Wasp, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk, to defeat Hydra. But all is not perfect on the Avengers Academy campus. A mysterious “timefog” surrounds the Academy, which raises even more uncertainty for the burgeoning young heroes. Dive into the MARVEL Avengers Academy world to meet your heroes, defeat Hydra, and uncover the truth behind it all.

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Download Microsoft Office for Android Devices

Finally we have Microsoft Office for Android now. The Office suite on Android has been available to tablet users up till now only, with just the preview out for smartphone users. That changes today, with the release of final Office for Android on smartphones in the Play Store. I recommend you to try the new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps which is now available for Android tablets and phones in the Google Play store.


The suite of apps can run on any Android phone running on version 4.4 KitKat or later. It will be free, as is always the case, but power users have the option to get access to more advanced features via in-app purchases. It will need a phone with 1 GB worth storage to work.
Android M is not yet supported. The app is virtually the same as its iOS counterpart.ccording to Microsoft, the preview version was quite successful with installs on 1900 different phone models in 83 countries. The apps are still not meant to handle the entire workload, rather they are meant to be used for simple editing tasks on Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You can also store your Office stuff on OneDrive or any other cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
Redmond has partnered with 30 companies to make these apps more accessible by pre-loading them in several Android phones from companies such as LG and Samsung.
The app brings a load of good news for people who continue to prefer Microsoft’s suite over Google Docs on Android. While you need an Office 365 subscription to get all the features, basic accounts can view and even get to edit a bit of stuff right on their phones.

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Mortal Kombat X APK Android Mod Download

Download Mortal Kombat X v1.11.1 + Mod – Android APK game for tablet or phone download it for free in our website. Beside this one we have hundreds of other full versions of the best android games, modded games and apps in our collection. Daily updates.


Mortal Kombat X – the next game in a series of popular games developed by NetherRealm Studios. Ancient god Shinnok brought to life a new hero Kun Gin and legendary Liu Kan and Kung Lao to use them in his dark purposes. Fighters now can interact with the surroundings and use various objects as weapons. Each character has three different variations of fighting style and a set of unique techniques. Be ready for spectacular and bloody battles!

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US Army Commando Survival Apk Android Mod Money Download

US army training school, you have been a part of us army forces for a long time now. Get ready to battle the war against crime in the immersive situation against a terrorist squad trying to put down the nation with their evil plans. On this secret stealth spy & survival mission, an army commando services are required. You have been trained at a US army training school and with sniper shooting and with multiple gun handling skills have been hired on this stealth operation. Find yourself in diverse situation, on a survival mission to rescue the hostages and save the nation for evil plans before making an escape in this ultimate war. Hired on a contract to kill terrorist squad, infiltrate the enemy lines and survive the stealth spy mission as a military secret agent of the US army force. You are a well-trained war military soldier, a real rebel against the evil enemies, a trained shooter and a deadly sniper. Trained to survive the war assault and counter against the terrorist forces, fight the battle for your nations pride. Escape the terrorist traps and survive on this impossible army mission of survival. Show no mercy on those who retaliate against you in this battle. Use your special war training skills you learned at the US training school.


The city holds an ancient harbor where international trade takes place. According to the intelligence report an illegal transport of weapons is underway. The warehouse near the harbor holds a massive storage of illegal weapons. The armory is being transported illegally via cargo ships to inflict war inside the country. Play as the US Army Commando and sneak inside the warehouse to eliminate the enemy and stop the shipment. You will be supported by your exotic army weaponry. Equip yourself with Sniper rifle, an assault gun or a shotgun. They have taken the workers as hostages and many of them are forced to work for them. Break into the warehouse and clear the area to rescue hostages. This is an army stealth survival mission for you where they is no escape unless you’re the war against the terrorism. Sneak in and eliminate the resistance. Enter the navy ships carrying illegal weapons. This is where the real war begins. Takeout the enemy before the shipment arrives at the docks because this is where more thugs are waiting to kill you and get hold of the army weapons. Don’t let them inflict war on your country.
Army commando are specially trained for survival missions where the odds are against you. The real pride is never easy to get, so be ready for the real hard time battle against the terrorist squad. The war begins at the docks and ends when every single threat is eliminated. Your job as the army commando is to eliminate resistance, rescue hostages, get the hold of weaponry and stop the illegal shipment. Whoever gets in your duty, is a hurdle and real army commando knows how to overcome hurdles. This is the real army survival mission so be prepared for a survival war.

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FIFA Mobile Soccer Full APK v3.2.3 Mod for Android Download

Super cute and awesome FIFA Mobile Soccer full version without limitations android games. Excellent graphics and exemplary with regard to low volume Professional fantastic gameplay in the style of games console version of FIFA
Professional fantastic gameplay in the style of games console version of FIFA EA’s official product
When everyone’s waiting for the release of FIFA 17 by EA Mobile, and just as gamers expect FIFA 17 Ultimate Team for the Android operating system, the EA Geneva gaming unit that is responsible for the company’s mobile games, as quietly Mobile unveiled the new FIFA. This game is unlike what was thought, as FIFA 17 is not a stand-alone game to coincide with the release of FIFA 17 for game consoles, for mobile phones was released.


Android game features:
– Exemplary with very high graphics details
– Fully three-dimensional design
– Design modeled on the movements of real players play exactly like the console versions of FIFA
– Choice of favorite club team from Europe’s top leagues
– The gameplay is very fun and professional football in the style evolution (exactly the same style of game FIFA)
– Full management team
– Full training and professional has the training and
– There are hundreds of items, awards and other Achyvmntz·ha
– The ability to play in the league, tournament, etc.

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Poly Blogging Platform Nulled Script Download

Poly Blogging Platform Nulled Script Poly is a multi-use web based software, especially designed to build user-friendly useful to modify blogs and websites. Poly is a platform for those specialised in blogging and web design, and provides them with simplified and flexible interface, search engine optimisation, easy publishing, installation and upgrades, various publishing tools, easy theme selection, straightforward user management, data ownership and full standards compliance. The software offers multifunctions at a very cheap price, and can also be used as a base for other app developers interested in customisation and further code development.


Select Features:
– Post Creation: We have made post creation smooth and accessible, through our easy to use control panel. You will not need to struggle to find icons to create a post, our design is suitable for amateurs.
– Template Systems: Our application can be used to create sleek and elegant themes, that can be reused and shared with other users. You can create simple straightforward themes, or complicated stylish ones. You will own the theme you have created, and you have the freedom to share it with others.
– Multiple Administrators: Our straightforward design allow for multiple users to use the application. The users are easy to manage, you can provide full or restricted access to users in a trouble-free manner. Demo

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