Samurai Shodown II APK + OBB Data for Android

SAMURAI SHODOWN II v1.7 APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK of SAMURAI SHODOWN II v1.7 Unlocked.

Samurai Shodown II APK + OBB Data for Android

Samurai Shodown 2 for Android – To be or not to be? You’ll soon find out the answer! They’ve licked their wounds, improved their techniques, and now they’re back! The world’s 15 fiercest warriors clang steel in a fast and furious fest of fencing festivities. Use new characters and new feints of Fury to hack, slice, dice, and Julien fry your way to victory!
SAMURAI SHODOWN II is most popular thousand of arcade games around the world. In this game battle to representatives of different types of single combats on the arena. It is the best game to play on smarts phone, android phone and tablets. There are very beautiful stunning graphics are used in this game. It is a multilayer via Blue tooth game and you can easily play this game with your friends. It is ability for you to possibility of use weapons and special on screen buttons in this game for users. All in all this game is very interesting and you will find it very enjoyable after playing this game.
A complete lineup seems to be there for Samurai Shodown II for mobile:
Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Ukyo Tachibana, Hanzo Hattori, Jubei Yagyu, Galford D. Weller, Charlotte Christine de Colde, Kyoshiro Senryo, Tam Tam, Earthquake, Genan Shiranui, Wan-Fu, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, Kuroko, Genjuro Kibagami, Nicotine Caffeine,Cham Cham , Neinhalt Sieger, Mizuki Rashoujin
– Action and engaging gameplay
– There are different characters
– There are various movements and kicks
– Retro graphics
– Easy control of the game
– Ability to challenge friends and play via Bluetooth
Ready for new Samurai fighting game, Samurai Shodown II for Android
Instructions To Install:
1. Before Installing Game, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data. You can enable them later after game has started working fine.
2. Extract the obb zip file directly to location sdcard/Android/obb/ or Copy Extracted folder com.dotemu.neogeo.samsho2 to sdcard/Android/obb/
3. [NOTE] If the obb folder doesn’t exist, simply create a new folder named obb inside sdcard/Android/
4. Launch the game. 5. Open the app, and run the game. It should no longer say “data files needed to download”

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