CyberGhost VPN and Proxy Premium Android APK Download



Surf the Internet freely, securely, and anonymously with the world’s most trusted VPN service: CyberGhost VPN!
Used and loved by more than 5 million people, now it’s your turn to test CyberGhost’s FREE VPN service. We are constantly improving our app, so your feedback is much appreciated!
CyberGhost VPN for Android at a glance:
– Protects your online privacy
– Automatically secures all public WiFi hotspots you connect to
– Allows unlimited anonymous and secure web browsing
– Protects passwords and other sensitive information from hackers and online snoopers, e.g. for safe online banking transactions
-Bypasses web-blocking by government and business oriented censors
– Bypasses country locks by website operators, employers, university or school and allows easy access to censored content
– Unblocks geo-restricted websites for unlimited streaming
– Bypasses online government blocks on social media and other types of websites
– Blocks ads
– Blocks malware
Blocks online tracking attempts
Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic volume
No backdoors for intelligence services
No logs
Observation! Please be aware that some sites use WebRTC to track your real IP. Please disable it in your browser by following these steps:
1. Enter “chrome://flags/#disable-webrtc” in the address bar and press enter
2. Press “Enable” under that option
3. Reboot your phone

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GBWhatsApp Mod APK Dual AntiBan Whatsapp Free Download

GBWhatsApp – WhatsApp Mod [Dual WhatsApp in One Phone]. GBWhatsApp Mod is built on the latest version of the WhatsApp and allows you to run two WhatsApp at same time.


It also contains many mod features.
Support Calls
The possibility of hiding to appear
Privacy options
The ability to send video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10
Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols
Counter statistics for groups
View the media without Download
Possibility to hide the name and the date when two or more copies
Ability to copy case
The possibility of changing the program icon and notifications
And many more …. 🙂
What’s New:
[New ] Base Updated to 2.12.361 (PlayStore)
[ Exclusive & Big Feature of All Time ] Ability To Hide Chats (Select any chat and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click Hide Chat – To View Hidden Chats… Just Click on WhatsApp or Username in Header)
[ Exclusive ] Option to Theme Recent Status Bar & Text (Mod 2.2.34 & 2.2.35)
[ Exclusively Added Back ] Mod 6.8… Old ui but in different Style
[ Added ] Option to Save Status/Story (Open any Status and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click download)
[ Exclusively Fixed ] Msg Count on Icon
[ Fixed ] Toast Background and Text Color for Nougat (Might Not work for Custom Roms)
Other Stability Fixes…
How to Install ?
– Take a backup of your chats in original whatsapp.
– Uninstall whatsapp.
– Install gbwhatsapp from link given below.
– Restore and use.
– Now install whatsapp from playstore and use another number to verify.
– Done, Enjoy 2 WhatsApps !

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Smurfs Village Android APK Mod Download

Smurfs Village v1.49.0 Android Hack (Unlimited Gold, Smurf Berry, Resource) MOD APK DATA Download.


Smurfs’ Village Smurfs village that game development is a very fun game to be downloaded has reached about 50 million. Most of cute Gargan up attacks after the split and must be collected. Because the villages to create a new village disclosure and grow business falls to us. Cute Cute father and father we started the game with a few cute show us the way. How we will build what, how we say and how we get to develop other cute. We end the chapter and tasks in this bit. Exactly to spend quite an enjoyable game time.
How to Setup:
1. “APK” install it on your device.
2. “com.capcom.smurfsandroid” folder “android / obb” copy into
3. Enter the Game

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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod Apk Download

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff v1.50.3 Android Apk Hack (Free Shopping) Mod Download.


Phenomenon, one of the world’s favorite animated series Family Guy is the official mobile game Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is quite an exciting adventure game.
In the game you can play for free on your phone and tablet with Android system fight devastating results between Peter Griffin and Ernie.
The Giant Chicken you will need to rebuild the devastated city of Quahog.
In the game you will fight with you to try to prevent piracy while rebuilding the city is waiting for you in some special missions.
World-famous actor and voice-overs do they uncovered game involving quality graphics and sound of the game you should definitely try.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Mod APK Download

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links MOD APK just arrived on Android and its card duel android game from KONAMI.also download the MOD APK Yu Gi Oh for the intense Hack about checking enemies cards and types status. so lets talk about the game. start the game with three cards in your hand instead of four and it doesn’t sound so bad and so you actually start playing and then he’s like you know what you start the game with me having three spell and trap cards facedown and I get a full hand and your field is empty and you get a full hand and it’s it’s intense man it really is hard. since you are using a MOD APK you will get few passive points towards winning the battles its like use this hack until you can.


Get Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links MOD APK Latest Version Android 1.7.1
Aside from that uh the card shops pretty cool you can go and buy packs and stuff like that and you know they’re gonna have multiple different packs and you collect gems to spend on packs but you get gems for doing like everything like you can get gems from completing missions you can get gems from logging into the game like you get gems all the time so there’s not a shortage of cards and you can still win prize cards from other duelists and stuff so it’s great. there’s also a secondary card shop called the card trader which is really cool. he kind of just chills around and his inventory changes i think it’s once a day or twice a day and yeah you go to him and you trade him like specific types of points or items or attribute stones and he’ll give you cards based off of what you can trade in which is awesome.
It’s great how you have multiple systems of obtaining inventory without having to spend money or do anything too crazy and the cool thing about the card shop is when you go to buy a pack it lets you know every card that’s in that pack so you’ll know whether or not you’re wasting gems and it will tell you look you’ve got to 12 of this card in the packet we’ve got eight of this card and you basically are buying a booster box a pack at a time and it will knock down the number of each card as you obtain them so you start to know your odds of getting whatever card you’re looking for it’s amazing it really is and you can reset the mr. box after a certain amount of time.
Everything about the game is great you obtaining these things called the gate keys is kind of big deal gate keys or what allows you to unlock gate to duel the signature legendary duelist that we all know like Joey and mind all of them so it’s really great that you know you can run around do all those don’t really have to spend a whole lot of time on it to know that you’re doing well PvP is a thing ranked battles and you know regular battles and that’s always really fun so you can do that as well and everything is so easily the game you don’t have to jump through hoops to obtain anything unless it’s just a specific item that you’re grinding for a specific card that you’re grinding for which is you know people are going to do that I’m going to do it.
Short Words about Yu Gi Oh Duel Links MOD APK:
Real actors voice acting done great. though its only in English but it looks so good with real voice actors.This game is such an easy game to spend a lot of time on it not be frustrated with or be you know upset with and stuff it’s just it’s great it’s a lot of fun and I know a lot of people are going to cling to it so when it comes out you’ll see me on there if you guys want to duel definitely hit me up i’m down to do anybody any time it’s gonna be fun man.
What’s In The MOD APK:
1. Float card
2. Face up card
3. Always win
4. Shows monster and status
5. Shows detail
– set BGM 100% to activated fload card.
– set SFX 100% to activated face up card.
– set VOX 100% to activated always win.
– set Notification ON to shows detail.

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NOVA Legacy APK Mod Offline Unlimited Money Download

NOVA LEGACY MOD APK finally available on Android. A well known sci-fi action FPS series is back and this time its only for Android devices. Surprisingly its an offline FPS game. This gameloft game is not a new NOVA Game but its a remake of NOVA 1 it means you will be able to get the main story about the main protagonist of NOVA series. According to GL statement many of Android gamers demanded about the NOVA Game and GL decided to bring back NOVA1 instead of NOVA 4. so if you are thinking that its a N.O.V.A 4 then wait its not a latest installment but its a remake. NOVA LEGACY MOD APK will have Unlimited of money Gold Coins and Mithiril and credits with offline playable MODE. Its currently available for select countries and in beta stage.but REGION FREE APK is added so you can play it from anywhere.


N.O.V.A. Legacy APK MOD Android 3.0.6
Kal Wardin is a retired Marine hero, returned to active duty when the Judgers first appeared – six years later he stopped the Volterites from destroying the Earth. This certain trait wasn’t one to get him on the good side of his superiors, but it did earn him a fair amount of respect among the troops and also gave him a certain notoriety among the highest ranks for the commandment.
After losing his family in the Near Orbital accident, Kal lost his trust in the Alliance. With nothing left to fight for, he retired from NOVA and vanished. Apart from blaming the Alliance’s leaders for the event which led to the death of his family, he also blamed himself for not being there when it happened. His sorrow and bitterness quickly turned into resentment against the system and his feelings reached a peak level when he realized that the information regarding Earth’s inhospitable environment were actually great exaggerations. The truth was that humanity’s cradle was in fact able to support life, but if that was to become common knowledge people would have realized that they are no longer dependent on the Near Orbitals and thus the system’s control over the population would have dramatically weakened.
Gameplay is same as the old 3 parts where you are in FPS MODE and get a liner story mode and go on killing enemies. There is an energy system which recharged over time. Its packed in 20 MB just like Asphalt Nitro where we have seen beautiful maps generated under 20 MB of APK.NOVA Legacy MOD APK is walking on same way as nitro did. There are around 2 MODES one is single player MODE and other is multiplayer. Events are there to participate and special ops missions are there to grind for better equipment. You will feel like you are playing Modern Combat 5 because there are pretty much the same MODES and even the Menu looks the same. Amazing Graphics and gameplay will surely thrill you from start to end.
What’s In The MOD APK:
– Unlimited Money(Must play offline)
– Change Language to English From Settings

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Best Android Antivirus and Security Apps of 2017

Your smartphone may have sensitive data like your photos, contacts, documents and other private stuff, so it is a good idea to install some security software on it. Malware and viruses have grown into a greater concern for a couple of years. Fortunately, the security apps have also improved to fight against these new threats. We have rounded up here five best Android antivirus and security apps, so you can choose a right defender for your smartphone.


1. Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast Antivirus and Security is a free Android app that offers an impressive range of tools. It scans the apps running on your mobile to give details on what they are doing. It also has Wi-Fi scanning options for improved security and speed, and a web shield that scans the URLs to resist the Android malware. The Android antivirus and security app also offers a call blocker to blacklist the problem numbers. There is an app locker to PIN protect apps including your gallery, messenger, and other private apps. Sadly, the app locking feature is limited to two apps until you subscribe the Pro version, which also removes ads.

For rooted phone, there is a firewall that allows controlling network traffic, and blocking Wi-Fi or the network for specific apps. It does not only give you improved security and speed but also saves your battery life. Download Avast Antivirus and Security

2. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

There are hundreds of Android security apps, but you will hardly find one that scores a 100 percent detection rate for malware in real-time and is absolutely FREE.

Boasting a 100 percent detection rate for Malware, Sophos Free Antivirus and Security offers robust scanning covering storage media, existing apps, and installations. The package also includes loss and theft protection, password protection for apps, web filtering, spam blocking, security and privacy advice, and much more.

To be brief, Sophos is one of the best Android antivirus and security apps in term of processing, networking and battery life. And the best thing is that it is absolutely free with a wide list of fully accessible features without any advertising. Download Sophos

3. AVL

If you are looking only for malware protection, and not the anti-theft tools, identity protection or other surplus features that come in many security apps, then AVL is a right choice for you.

AVL scored a 99.8 percent detection rate for Android malware in the latest tests rising to 100 percent in last few weeks. Overall, the performance of this software is good having a no undue impact on phone speed and battery life. It is designed to be efficient and fast and can scan various file formats except for APK. There is also a Pro version available if you want to unlock more features and tools. Download AVL

4. Avira Antivirus Security

The next antivirus and security app on our list is Avira Antivirus Security. With a high detection rate for real-time Android malware, the free version of Avira is the best Android antivirus to keep your smartphone safe. This app allows you to scan existing apps, and automatically scans new apps and updates.

The anti-theft tools help you find your device remotely, lock it, and trigger an alarm. The identity protection tool can report you whether your email account or the email contacts have been leaked or compromised. It also offers a range of blacklisting options so you can block problem numbers or spam.

Though the basic version covers enough fundamental features for most users, there is also a premium version with anti-phishing, better support, and more regular updates. Download Avira

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Trend Micro is another best Android antivirus and security app with a high detection rate of malware and no false positives. It does not have an undue impact on battery life, performance, and memory.

The free version of the app covers you for malware detection having some extra tools for improving your smartphone’s performance. There is “Just-a-Phone” feature that kills all apps unnecessarily working in the background boosting your phone battery life.

There is a 7 day free trial of the premium version which includes anti-theft tools, app locking, malware blocking and cleaning, and much more. You can subscribe the premium version in just $36 per year. Download Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Titanium Backup Pro v8 Android APK Download

Titanium Backup Pro v8.0.1 Android APK Download


Titanium Backup Pro android one of the most useful programs sold on the market. Years is already among the most downloaded apps in this indicator.
When we talk about the program; Titanium Backup Pro software for your personal information, applications are the applications and games files and recording tool that allows you to take a backup of system information.
Assign device format and can say that very often parents blessing for those who take Rom. After one of the most demanding applications at work at the ROM memory or format you is to throw again and again in other File. Through this program, you can get rid of all this trouble. To use the program, it is necessary to root the device. So it is necessary to have full privileges of the user.

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Samsung Internet Beta Download

Samsung Internet Beta APK Free Android App Download. Adding Samsung Web Beta, providing you with early use of the most recent top features of the browser that is risk-free, personal, and enhanced mobile. Formally supported apparatus are I7500 and Google Nexus Phones with Android 5.0 and above. Samsung apparatus were integrated with by better. Samsung Web aims to make available a constant and constant user-experience among different Samsung apps. Virtual-Reality can be obtained for the internet! Put the phone number to the headset it is going to open in Web for GearVR plus when you’re seeing a web page!


Safety & Privacy
Samsung Web makes it possible to protect privacy and your safety while exploring the web.
DuckDuckGo continues to be added as an internet search engine alternative. DuckDuckGo is a solitude-focused research engine which has tonnes of attributes make it possible for one to instantly locate the information you require the most.
Articles Blockers
Samsung Web for Android enables 3rd party programs to supply filters for Articles Preventing. It’s possible for you to see the internet without unneeded articles littering your displays.
The Articles Blocker, accessible in the Perform Shop, may prevent dangerous advertising and monitoring snacks to help safeguard your privacy on the web.
More Cozy
Attributes which make your regular searching convenient are supported by Samsung Web.
Net Payment
Buying online simpler and may get better than ever with help for the newest Internet Obligations API, allowing you to check out as well as spend with just several pats.
CloseBy (Actual Internet)
When you approach a Bodily Internet Beacon, a telling showing outline and the name of the website will be made by the support. Allowing your entry that is easily useful info nearby.
Progressive Web apps sign badge in Samsung Internet Beta
Modern Web Programs are programs which employed in the browser or may be set up like programs. A sign marker will show up in the link pub when the site you’re seeing helps this attribute.
Buying Helper
Which may be flipped to allow you to receive the best prices by evaluating products when buying online.
Movie Helper
Movie helper allows you change between different modes that are viewing while watching movies. Popup player enables you to see the internet while viewing movies.
You can even see movies that are immersive without the need to wear a headset. It’s possible for you to swipe to pan 360 movies to shopping around.
– DuckDuckGo Search Support
– Internet Payment
– CloseBy
– Modern Web app sign badge
– Movie helper
– Amazon purchasing helper
-360 Movie Support
– Reader

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Android WebView App – Universal for all website Download

Android WebView App – Universal for all website Download app free codecanyon


This APP is for ALL WEBSITE and Social Networking Platform Example: SocialKit, PHPDolphin, Oobenn, Sngine, WoWonder, Socialite and many others….. Upload Images from WEBVIEW Upload images from the device in the Chat Upload images from the device in the Timeline Upload multi images to ALBUM Upload AVATAR Upload COVER VIBRATION System html5.

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