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iPhone Hidden Secret Codes List 2017

Every smartphone have some Hidden Secret Codes that rather restrict you to mess up internal settings in the smartphones. By using these hidden codes you can change some internal settings which developers probably hide at user level. These codes are only used for troubleshooting purposes from a developers point of view. Therefore, these are the combination of special characters and numeric keywords which are start with * and end with #.


Since different gadgets have different Hidden Codes like we have also listed Android Secret Codes. But here we have listed iPhone Secret Codes as well as their functioning. By using Hidden Codes For iPhone you can experience some additional functioning and can change internal settings also. These Hidden Secret Codes let you know about some hidden menus, diagnostics and you can also check much more by using these iPhone Secret Codes List.

All iPhone Secret Codes List.

It will displays your iPhone IMEI. It is a identifier for your mobile phone hardware.

This code opens you field mode which contains all of iPhone inner settings, cell information and newest network.

You can check the number in order to call forwarding when the iPhone is busy. And again, but for when the iPhone is busy.

*646# (Postpaid only)
It will display you available minutes.

*225# ( Postpaid only)
To check the Bill Balance

To check the Account balance use this code for prepaid iPhone only.

You can check call control bars by using this code. Also for see whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing you can check all the usual suspects like fax, SMS, voice, information, etc.

For checking connected line presentation is enabled or not you can use this code. like to the calling line presentation you can also check whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.

You can set inquiry for call forwards. Find the settings for your call forwarding. You will see whether you have fax, SMS, voice, knowledge, sync, async, paid access & packet access call forwarding enabled or disabled.

It will let you know about the use of information info.

To check number of missed calls.

You can verifies the number for forwarding calls If there is no service is available. .

EFR mode Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality, but it will slightly reduced battery life.

To check SMS center.

Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.

Call Waiting Status.

Activate a waiting.

Deactivate waiting.

It allow you hide your number.

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Pokemon Go Hacked APK Free Download

For those of you bummed out that latest v0.33.0 update broke Tutuapp Pokemon Go Android Hack, Tutuapp has updated as of last night to the latest v0.33.0, which now works fine again. Now, you can download the latest update using Tutuapp but if you are having trouble, you can download the new modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK here and install. This modded Pokemon Go APK will allow you to enjoy the full hack like before on latest v0.33.0. You will also need Tutuapp APK installed in order for this app to work.


What is an APK File?
APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

Instruction :
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Generic Android Hidden Secret Codes for Samsung and HTC

Your Android device holds a large amount of information about its hardware and system that an average user might find difficult to access. But if you know Android’s secret codes , you can factory-reset your device, find out its hidden camera information, instantly back up your precious data, and much more.


The code entry procedure is very simple and only requires you to bring up your dialer keypad and enter the appropriate number sequence. Bear in mind that some codes are carrier-specific, and won’t work on all devices. So if your phone doesn’t respond to a code, don’t dwell on it, just move on and find another one.

These codes are mostly universal, and should work on Android devices, no matter the manufacturer. There might still be carrier restrictions on certain codes though, so they’re not all guaranteed to work.

 *#06# – IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number – essential in case your device is stolen and you want to block the thief from accessing your network

 *#*#7594#*#*  Make Power button turn off your device without displaying menu

*#*#4636#*#* – Display information about phone, battery, usage and WiFi

*#*#7780#*#* – Factory reset (deletes app data and apps, not firmware)

*2767*3855# – Complete phone wipe, including firmware (not to be used lightly!)

*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* – Back up all your photos and videos

*#*#1472365#*#* – Test your GPS

*#*#1234#*#* – Display phone firmware and PDA info

*#*#232338#*#* – Show WiFi Mac address

*#*#8255#*#* – Access GTalk Service Monitor

*#*#36245#*#* – Access Email debug info Email

*#*#225#*#* – Events calendar

*#*#426#*#* – Debug info for Google Play Service

*#*#759#*#* – Access Google Partner Setup

Samsung secret codes

Many of the above codes will also work on Samsung devices, but the below codes were tested specifically on Samsung devices, and we can confirm that they should work on them (subject to carrier restrictions).

*#*#34971539#*#* – Show all camera information

*#*#197328640#*#* – Enable test mode for services

*#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN test

*#*#1575#*#* – Test your GPS (alternative to generic Android GPS test)

*#*#0*#*#* – Test your LCD display

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Display crucial phone information (PDA, Hardware, firmware etc.)

##778 (followed by the Call button) – EPST menu

HTC secret codes

*#*#3424#*#* – HTC function test Program

*#*# – HTC Info menu

*#*#8255#*#* – Launch GTalk Service Monitor

##3424# – Diagnostic mode

##3282# – EPST menu

##8626337# – VOCODER

##33284# – Field trial menu

##786# – Reverse Logistics Support

##7738# – Protocol Revision

There’s a good chance you’ll never need to use these codes, but if you do then now you know where to find them.

Are there any secret codes that you find yourself using all the time? Let us know!