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If you have your own blog/website it is very important to Submit it to Search engine i.e. google,bing,yahoo and other. Well here i will share you guys to submit in google,bing/yahoo and other. Well if you run a blog then you might know that bing and yahoo search are merged. If your site is index in bing then yahoo automatically index it. If you have website already make sure that your site is under search engines crawl. You have to submit site in popular search engines because it will help you to get some extra traffic into your website. If someone want to find something in any topic they make search first. So,google will show revelant result of different webpage. If you submit your site to search engine one of the url in the result may be your. So,here i am going to write on how to submit website or blog to search engines.


If you have any website or blog which is not appear in search then your website/blog is not indexed by search engine. Don’t think that there is problem with your website. This is happen because search engine bots can’t find your site to submit in their search data. If you have problm that i mention above then you are in right place. It is very important to SEO working for your site. So,I deside to write article about SEO. This is first article of that series where you guys can submit your site url to google,Bing/Yahoo and some other too. So Follow my steps below to submit website link to search engine.

Submit Website or Blog to Search Engines 10 best sites here:


1. Submit Website/Blog to GoogleWebmaster

2. Submit Your Website/Blog to Bing Webmaster

3. GoooURL Backlinks Exchange Services
4. GoooURL URL Submit
5. GoooURL Ping Site
6. Submit AddMe
7. Submit Express
8. Search Engine Submission
9. iSubmit
10. Claver Submitter



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