Dual Whatsapp in Single android phone Without Root

Hello friends, Now whats app plus v 4.20 released. this version give better response than whats-app plus v 3.80 . Many friends download older version of whats-app plus. I recommend them to download this new version. whats app plus v 4.20 version support dual whats-app in single smartphone. Here I came with another fascinating article on currently hottest topic dual Whats-app. During this article I will tell you a trick to use 2 whatsapp accounts in single phone . This helps for people who have Dual sim smart phone or two mobile number. after reading this, you will be able to use two Whatsapp accounts at a time which is additionally with 2 totally different mobile numbers. this is often interesting, isn’t it? therefore, begin installing two Whats-app account in your mobile.


Whats-app is that the hottest internet messaging application in currently. 90th of good phone users are using this glorious app. several of them started using Whats-app on computer additionally Microsoft also try to improve whats app exe quality . usually we are able to use just one whats-app with one unique mobile number. But, once reading this whole article, you’ll find out how to install two Whatsapp Accounts at the same time and on the same phone.many other third party and android developer make different version of whats-app example og whats-app , whats-app plus ,Yo whasapp etc.

Here, i’m introducing you a new app named YO Whats-App. this is often the app i’m about to use in this article to install 2 WhatsApp accounts. this is also same like Whats-app. you’ll additionally call it as Whatsapp different application. this is a third-party application that helps us to run 2 Whats-app accounts. dual Whatsapp Account is just possible with YO Whats-app app. you’ll also find it in Google Play Store. you’ll download it over there. But, installing Multiple Whatsapp Accounts using YO Whatsapp may be a little bit difficult. you’ve got to try and do it carefully. you’ll follow the step by step installation guide below.


Trick to use Dual Whatsapp
TO use this trick may require to download different version of whatsapp. install this whatsapp apk in same device and register with different mobile no. here I give you screenshot of my phone . I am also user to this amazing trick. Other tricks are also available to use Dual Whatsapp in Single android phone but they require Android Lollipop newer version.

Download whatsapp plus v 4.20 & Download YO Whatsapp




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