iPhone Hidden Secret Codes List 2017

Every smartphone have some Hidden Secret Codes that rather restrict you to mess up internal settings in the smartphones. By using these hidden codes you can change some internal settings which developers probably hide at user level. These codes are only used for troubleshooting purposes from a developers point of view. Therefore, these are the combination of special characters and numeric keywords which are start with * and end with #.


Since different gadgets have different Hidden Codes like we have also listed Android Secret Codes. But here we have listed iPhone Secret Codes as well as their functioning. By using Hidden Codes For iPhone you can experience some additional functioning and can change internal settings also. These Hidden Secret Codes let you know about some hidden menus, diagnostics and you can also check much more by using these iPhone Secret Codes List.

All iPhone Secret Codes List.

It will displays your iPhone IMEI. It is a identifier for your mobile phone hardware.

This code opens you field mode which contains all of iPhone inner settings, cell information and newest network.

You can check the number in order to call forwarding when the iPhone is busy. And again, but for when the iPhone is busy.

*646# (Postpaid only)
It will display you available minutes.

*225# ( Postpaid only)
To check the Bill Balance

To check the Account balance use this code for prepaid iPhone only.

You can check call control bars by using this code. Also for see whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing you can check all the usual suspects like fax, SMS, voice, information, etc.

For checking connected line presentation is enabled or not you can use this code. like to the calling line presentation you can also check whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.

You can set inquiry for call forwards. Find the settings for your call forwarding. You will see whether you have fax, SMS, voice, knowledge, sync, async, paid access & packet access call forwarding enabled or disabled.

It will let you know about the use of information info.

To check number of missed calls.

You can verifies the number for forwarding calls If there is no service is available. .

EFR mode Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality, but it will slightly reduced battery life.

To check SMS center.

Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.

Call Waiting Status.

Activate a waiting.

Deactivate waiting.

It allow you hide your number.

Secret Codes that Unlock Hidden iPhone Features

Thought you knew everything about your iPhone? Even that shiny new iPhone 7 you just snapped up? Think again, buddy. Beyond the world of camera shortcuts and battery-boosting features are a number of secret codes that unlock hidden iPhone features. We mean properly hidden too, like an Indiana Jones treasure.


Excited? You should be. Although these secret iPhone features aren’t going to revolutionise how you use your high-end handset, they will improve your iPhone experience. So, what exactly do these secret codes hide? Well there’s this lot for a start.

Those little balls of signal might be the standard indicator to a strong connection, but they’re not exactly a precise reading, are they? If you’re tired of hanging out of your first-floor bedroom window to send a text, there is a simpler way. By converting your signal balls to a more accurate numerical reading, you can simply follow the digits to improved call quality.

To do this, you’ll need to enter the first of our secret iPhone codes *3001#12345#* into your handset’s dialer and press call. This will launch the phone’s Field Mode, a secret set of menus usually reserved for developers. While here, try holding your phone’s power button until the “slide to power off” option pops up. Now hold your handset’s home button until you see the home screen make a reappearance and goggle in wonder as your signal is now displayed as a number. If you’ve got a score around -50 you’ll be able to enjoy HD streams on the move. A score of around -120, however, and you’ll be back in the stone age.

Ever been asked for your iPhone’s IMEI number? Like when changing network, reporting it stolen or getting it fixed? Well next time there’ll be no need to spend 20 minutes scrolling through every corner of your phone’s settings app trying to remember where the sodding thing is located. There’s an easier way to find your phone’s unique identifier – all you need is the secret code.

Again you’re going to want to start in the phone’s dialer. Here, entering in *#06# will bring your one-of-a-kind IMEI code to the fore. You won’t need to hit dial or anything, it will just appear – perfect for when you’re trying to remove your network lock to deal with an Apple Genius.

You’re popular, we get it, there’s no need to rub it in our faces. What you can do, though, is make sure that all of your family and friends are able to get hold of you, even if you’re already taking a call. To do this you’ll need to activate your iPhone’s Call Waiting, and once again, there’s a secret shortcut code for this.

By entering *43# and hitting call, you’ll activate Call Waiting, which will notify you that a second call is coming in while you take the first, and even let you answer the new call straight away. Tired of being pestered? You can turn Call Waiting off again by dialling #43#.

Caller ID is great, even if it’s ruined the art of the prank call. That and having a bit of anonymity if phoning someone you’d rather not have your number – such as the person you’re buying something off on Gumtree or your latest Airbnb host.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Entering *#31# lets you block your number for all outgoing calls. Want to be more selective? Simply enter #31# directly before your desired number and your iPhone will hide your digits only for that call.

There are times when you really don’t want to answer the phone – the footy’s on, it’s the Game of Thrones finale, Jim’s calling and you really can’t deal with his shit right now. Dodging the inevitable distractions doesn’t have to mean the awkward situation of declining a call and having the caller know you’ve snubbed them, though. There’s an easier solution: call forwarding.

Activating this will push all incoming calls direct to voicemail without making you feel guilty about your 14th snub of the day. All you need to do is dial *#21# to activate it. Perfect for when your rammed with work or simply in need of a break. Just remember to turn it off again (done by dialling the same number) when you want to receive calls again.

Your Encrypted WhatsApp Chats Can Be Read By Anyone

We all know that WhatsApp encryption was announced with great fanfare in the middle of last year, however, now it seems that all the encrypted WhatsApp chats can be read by anyone.


Your Encrypted WhatsApp Chats Can Be Read By Anyone

The WhatsApp encryption was announced with great fanfare in the middle of last year, presuming it to incorporate absolute privacy during the exchange of messages between one person and another. Now, it has been found that the application source code hides a security hole that would ruin all security encryption.

Facebook, mistress of WhatsApp since 2014, said at the time that no one, absolutely no one, without exception, not the Zuckerberg himself could break the encryption end to end of the message, which means that no person beyond sender and receiver should have access to the content of the conversations. But the site The Guardian has revealed that, willingly or unwillingly, the social media giant Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a back door that was still not allowed to be corrected.

This “back door” (a piece of code that, if exploited, could allow access to an intruder) allows WhatsApp itself can read messages from users using a peculiar feature that no one can explain why it is not yet corrected and Zuckerberg has been aware of it since April last year.

As published by The Guardian, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption relies on the generation of unique security keys, using the acclaimed Signal protocol, developed by Open Whisper Systems, which are traded and verified between users to guarantee communications are secure and cannot be intercepted by a middleman.

Willingly or unwillingly, says Tobias Boelter Security-Expert at the University of California, the social network implemented this encryption so that the encrypted messages sent by the application could be decrypted if the social media giant Facebook wants.

“If a government agency asks WhatsApp to facilitate message logs,” says Boelter, “the application can provide this information thanks to changing security passwords.”

When Boelter speaks of “change security keys” it refers to what is a security hole that can generate new passwords encryption while a user is offline. Facebook, if you want, can do it without anybody knowing by default: neither the sender nor the receiver will know that there has been a change in the security keys.

After all, messages received with the new password it can be decrypted without problems because the password has been generated manually and therefore do not need to break any key.

The funny thing is that the Signal protocol incorporates precisely a security function aimed at avoiding this security hole. If a user’s security code changes while offline, the protocol automatically blocks the sending of the message and notifies the other person of the situation.

So why WhatsApp has overlooked this feature? The answer is a mystery, but Boelter confirmed that Facebook has already long known about this security hole. For one reason or another, Facebook has simply decided not to fix it.

But how can we protect ourselves from this controversy encryption? Simply we have to activate notifications safety codes, so that if at some point the code of our contact changes from one moment to another at least we know that we must take precautions against the possibility that there has been a leak in the conversation.

The steps to activate this option are:
1# First of all we have to open the application WhatsApp.
2# Then go to application settings and then click on “Account.”
3# Then we have to enter “Security.”
4# Now there we have to activate the option named “Show security notifications.”

Best Tor Alternatives for High Speed Anonymous Browsing VPN

Tor is free software that will help you go anonymous while surfing the web. It is not anything ordinary that can be ignored. Let me explain you little bit interesting about Tor, you people do search various things via search engines like; Google, Bing, etc. But these search engines displays only indexed results to you, means it will show you the result which is naked in web and anyone can see that. But Tor makes it way different while showing search results; in Tor search results it shows each and every hidden and protected articles, websites and information regarding your desired search without getting tracked.


Due to this, it is used in many bad businesses, an example is Silk Road. Yes! It was tracked by NSA lately; it used to be an online shopping website for illegal drugs. It is an open source network that helps you protect against traffic analysis. Even your internet service providers won’t be able to track you while using Tor. It is a form of network assessment that pressurizes personal freedom and privacy, secret business activities and relationships, state security. This is not meant to design for all this illegal businesses, but it allows you to improve your privacy and security so much that it attracts many bad users to do illegal business over using Tor. There are many good things could be done using Tor, but due to surveillance by NSA threatens users to use Tor much.

7 Best Alternatives to Tor Browser for Anonymous Browsing

1. I2P

1I2P is an unidentified peer-to-peer distributes communication layer which is built by means of the open source tools. It is a complete alternative to TOR. The software implementing this computer network layer like any other P2P software is called I2P layer. It is designed and optimized for secret services, faster than Tor with completely distributed and self-organizing potential.

2. Freenet

Freenet is a peer-to-peer to oppose the censorship similar to I2P. It uses the same P2P tools of distributing data storage to distribute and keep the information but separates the set of rules of the user interface and network structure. Freenet comes with the two-tier safety measures: Darknet and Opennet.

3. Freepto

Freepto Best Alternatives to Tor for High-Speed Anonymous BrowsingFreepto is a different Linux-based OS that could be booted using a USB disk on any computer. The data you put aside on the USB disk will be mechanically encrypted. It offers the hacktivists an uncomplicated way to communicate effortlessly just like Tor. It is easy to use and fastest way to save encrypted data.

4. JonDo Live-CD

JonDo Live-DVD is a Debian GNU/Linux based OS; with pre-configured applications to be used for web surfing, has Thunderbird, Torbrowser, Pdigin and other programs.

5. Tox

Tox Best Alternatives to Tor for High-Speed Anonymous BrowsingTox isn’t a complete substitute for Tor, but it can help to provide messaging services. Tox gives private and encrypted IM, video conferencing and calls that is somewhat user-friendly.

6. IprediaOS

Ipredia OS is a quick, commanding and stable operating system based on Linux that provides an unknown environment. All set-up traffic is automatically and evidently encrypted and anonymized. Many applications are obtainable in Ipredia OS, mention may be made of mail, peer-to-peer, bittorrent, IRC chat and others. You may get:
– Anonymous IRC client
– I2P Router
– Anonymous BitTorrent client
– Anonymous e-mail client
– Browse Internet anonymously
– Find anonymous eepSites (i2p sites)

7. Lightweight Portable Security

LPS Best Alternatives to Tor for High-Speed Anonymous BrowsingLightweight Portable Security (LPS) creates a safe end node from dependable media on nearly any Intel-based computer (PC or Mac). It boots a CD from Linux operating system. USB flash stick with no mounting on a local hard drive. Administrator privileges are not required; not anything is installed. The LPS family was shaped to address specific use cases: A general-purpose solution for using web-based applications is referred to as LPS-Public.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are authentic when it comes to privacy improvement, censorship avoidance, anonymous file sharing, and more. It is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of using both Tor and a VPN for privacy, security, and anonymity online.

Even lately the internet privacy tool Tor was hardly heard of outside the tech community. NSA has been working to corrupt the user experience to discourage people from using the Tor browser, trying to crack its security. Tor was compromised by ‪NSA, so there was a need for best alternatives to Tor Project.

Best Youtube Android App Tricks and Tips

Generally we use youtube android app for watching youtube videos in phone. In this video I make a list of best tricks for you. These all tricks with Youtube android app.

You can use this app like a pro from these tricks:

1. Enable Limit Mobile Data Usage and Save your Data
2. Change Country/Content-Location in Youtube Android App
3. Enable Stats for Nerds and View info about Video
4. Clear Youtube Android App Search History
5. Change Youtube Video Quality
6. View Youtube Video in VR Headset
7. Add Videos in Watch Later Playlist
8. Save Youtube Video for Offline Watching
9. Watch 360 Degree Video on Youtube
10. Control Youtube Android App Notifications

Get Best Youtube Android App Tricks and Tips Youtube Video:

Play Youtube Video

Best YouTube Tricks Everyone Must Try

Youtube is the third most popular website on internet after google and facebook. It has 800 million unique users a month.In every minute 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to the site.


If you want to watch a movie or if you want to watch funny videos or past news we would always prefer to use youtube.Most of the people who uses internet watch youtube videos almost everyday. But most of them don’t know many features that youtube provides. There are many youtube tricks and features that were easy to work with.

Here are the list of 16 youtube tricks that everyone must try.

1. Run the video from specific point of video

If you want to share any youtube video and you want the viewer to watch video from specific point of video, you just have to add time to the end of url.

Add #t= to the end of url followed by the minutes and seconds.

Ex: To run a video from 1:02 seconds

Or you can stop your video at required point and right-click on video and choose ‘copy video url at current time’.

You can share a video with a specific start and end time  by adding ‘start=x&end=y’ at the end of url.

Ex: To run or share a video from 1:02 to 2:02

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvyAZkNM6TA                                       https://www.youtube.com/v/VvyAZkNM6TA?start=62&end=122

2. Keyboard shortcuts

If you don’t like to keep your hands on mouse when using youtube, you can operate youtube with keyboard shortcuts. Here are the list of keyboard shortcuts for youtube.

a. space or K for pause and play

b. J rewind 10 seconds

c. L forward 10 seconds

d. Right Arrow to forward for 5 seconds

e. Left Arrow to rewind for 5 seconds

f. M to mute the video

g. 0  or home to jump to beginning of the video

h. 1-9 to jump to 10% to 90% of the video

i. F to full screen

j. Esc to exit full screen mode

k. End to jump to end of video

l. Shift + > to play video in fast forward

m. Shift + < to play video in slow motion

n.  / to place curson on search field

o. Shift + N to play next video

p. Shift + P to play previous video

3. Download youtube videos

You can download youtube videos directly by adding ‘ss’ to the beginning of youtube url. Then you will be redirected to savefrom.net.  Here you can download video by choosing file format and video quality.

Ex:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDbsIt8H2mU


4. convert video into mp3 audio

You can download audio clip from youtube video by adding ‘listento’ at beginning of url and hit enter. You will be redirected to ListentoYoutube site. Here you will find search field with Go button, click on and your video will be processed and converted to audio file.

Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYmD4ltRbgE


5. create gifs from youtube video

You can create gifs from youtube by adding ‘gif’ at beginning of youtube video url. Then you will be redirected to gifs.com. Here you can set start and end duration to create gif image.

Ex: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4gUA7t0Jw


6. Play Video in slow motion

Hold down the space bar and the video will run in slow motion, or you can slow down or speed up the video from the settings gear on youtube video.

7. Repeat Video

If you want to watch a video repeatedly you just have to add ‘infinitelooper’ in place of ‘youtube’ in url. you will be redirected to infinetelooper website and there you can set start and end time to run video repeatedly.

Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=536fC9N0S_g


You can also right click on video and choose loop.

8. Embed youtube video in your website

If you want to share a youtube video in your website you can embed the video by adding simple html code. You can find the code by clicking on share which is located below video. There we can find another label called Embed. Copy the code and paste into your html code.

9. Edit Youtube videos

You can edit your videos before publish to youtube. Here you can combine multiple videos,trim any video to required length. We can add audio to video file. You can even add filters and effects to your video.

10. set your default video speed

If you have slow internet connection and you want to open videos with low quality, you can set up default video quality at account_playback .

11. keep your youtube activity private

You can stop people from watching your youtube activity. Here you can make your likes videos, saved playlists, subscriptions private.

You can avoid content/region/devise restrictions by changing video url.

Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=dD40VXFkusw


12. Operate youtube without mouse

Here you can browse youtube videos with keyboard. You can operate it with arrows to switch over to videos and hit enter to play hovered video.

13. Exact keyword search

You can search youtube videos with exact keyword search. By entering “allintitle: your keywords” you can find videos which have exact keywords.

14. Exclude keyword search

You can search youtube videos by excluding some keywords.Say if you want to search for leonardo dicaprio vidoes but not about his oscar related videos just enter following keyword.

Ex: leonardo dicaprio -oscar

15. Watch and Run live videos

You can watch available live videos at Youtube_Live.

You can even live stream on youtube here.

16. Monetize your youtube channel

You can earn money by linking your adsense to your youtube account at Youtube_Monetization.

Though many people know about these youtube tricks , but it was mainly intended for the people who are new to youtube. These youtube tricks may alter frequently when youtube changes their features.

Best Facebook Auto Liker 2017

BestLike AutoLiker – Best Facebook Autoliker, Commenter, Follower, Posters, Page Like


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10. VLiker | Facebook Auto Liker – Auto Likes & Commenter   vliker.com/

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Getting Started with Instagram Ads eBook Download

Instagram Ads are officially here. Businesses of all sizes are getting the ability to run ads on Instagram, in up to thirty new countries. This week, a large number of businesses and advertisers have jumped at the chance to start running campaigns on the photo-sharing, hashtag-loving site.


Instagram has a community of over 300 million users, meaning that there’s a ton of marketing potential there, and now marketers can take advantage of that. Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.56.32 PMThere’s an added bonus—Instagram is partnered with Facebook, meaning that they’ll be able to take relevant user information and apply it to advertising on Instagram, especially when it comes to targeting, unlike a lot of mobile advertising platforms. This automatically gives Instagram Ads an edge over most of their competitors for marketers.

Get Free Getting Started with Instagram Ads eBook Download. Like to unlock download link

Best 2017 CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers

Do you have a high traffic website or are you looking to monetize the footer of your website with CPM Ads? I have compiled a list of the best CPM ad networks that a publisher like you can join & start earning money. CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) based advertisements are a great way to earn income with your blog. CPM advertising pays you according to the amount of impressions received on an advertisement.


An “impression” means a single instance of an advertisement appearing on your website. This means that even if your readers are not clicking on your blog’s ads, with CPM ads, you can still be paid.You might find CPM ads very appealing, but they work best for bloggers who get a high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic in the area of thousands of visitors per day, then you can get a good amount of money from CPM Ads. Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (depending upon various factors).

1. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is a popular advertising network for all website types, including new blogs.
They offer CPM ads, CPC ads & conversion based ads. Based out of San Francisco & started in 2012, this company has become a popular choice among webmasters. Many of you might not have heard of this network, but it’s good to know that they are a partner with Google AdSense, DoubleClick, and Criteo (to name a few).

Things to note:
The approval process usually takes about two days.
You can get paid via PayPal or check.
The minimum payout is only $50 & they offer a free signing bonus of up to $15.
($15 is given to a site which is of high quality; $10 is guaranteed for other sites.)
They also have a WordPress plugin & Joomla plugin to make it easier for you to add your ads.

You can download the WordPress plugin here. Registration page of AdsOptimal

2. Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon seems to be coming up with all the possible monetization solutions for publishers. Recently I talked about Amazon Native ads & you likely already know about the popular Amazon Associates program. Well now you have the option to monetize your blog using Amazon CPM Ads.

Right now Amazon CPM Ads are only for selected Amazon affiliates. If you already have an Amazon Associates account, you can login to your account to see if you have the Amazon CPM option or not. The first thing you need to do is create your site list. It can consist of just one site, or if you own multiple sites you can list them too.

They also support a “passback” feature, which means if the ads don’t match your minimum CPM guarantee, your fall back ads will display. Currently supported sizes are 728×90, 160×600, 300×250, and 300×600. Here you can read all the FAQ’s related to Amazon CPM Ads.

3. PropellerAds

This is another great eCPM ad network that you can try in 2016. They offer an ad for all screen types which makes it a popular choice for various webmasters while multiple payment options make PropellerAds an idle choice for bloggers around the globe. Getting started with PropellerAds is easy as your account will be created immediately. After that, you just need to add your domain & verify ownership.

Important info about PropellerAds:
– They follow a Net30 payment policy (they have up to 30 days to pay you).
– The minimum payout is $100.
– They offer real time reporting (which is something we all love).
– They offer an 80:20 ratio & payment is made with Payoneer or by wire transfer.
– You can create a free Payoneer account here (You will also get a $25 signup bonus).
– They offer all popular ad sizes & types.
– When I was going through the site, a few ad types were completely new to me such as “CatFish ads” and “Site Skins”.

Overall, this is a solid eCPM advertising network for bloggers & something you should try alongside AdsOptimal. Create a free account on PropellerAds

4. Conversant Media

Conversant is a popular name in the advertising industry.

They offer monetization for websites, mobile optimized sites & also mobile apps. They are the same company behind the popular affiliate network called Commission Junction & one of the more reliable CPM based ad networks.

About the Conversant CPM program:
– They require 3,000 impressions per month for your site to be accepted.
– Like PropellerAds, they also have a wide range of different sizes and types of advertisements.
– The minimum payout is $25
– They pay through paper check and PayPal.
– This is a really good alternative for those who can’t get into other ad networks due to high traffic requirements. Create free account on Conversant

5. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)

The downside with Exponential is they require a minimum of 500,000 unique users per month. When I checked out their site requirements for publishers, I found it to be very strict for upcoming bloggers.

But the great thing about them is the quality of CPM ads. They are one of the best in the advertising industry. They offer high impact ads such as Rising Star ad formats and pre-roll ads with 55% of revenue going to their publishers. Aside from that, their minimum payout is $50 (in net revenue) and payment is Net45. Create a free Exponential account

How to choose a domain name for my business

Choosing a domain name is often one of the most important decisions entrepreneurs make once their business is established, and so it can seem like an extremely intimidating process. Many business owners spend days, weeks, or even months agonizing over the right name for their website when in actuality it can be quite simple.


Devise It A domain name should be a clear representative of your business. Consider using keywords that describe your company and its products or services. For example, a sporting goods store might include the word “sports” in their domain name. This also helps your site achieve a better ranking among similar sites in search results. Locally based businesses can create a direct connection with their client base by including the name of their city or state in their domain name along with a keyword describing their business. Once you’ve come up with some possibilities, be sure to test them out with family and friends to get actual feedback.

Filter It A successful domain name can be easily used in practice. This not only refers to ensuring that you do not incur expensive legal issues by using an existing trademark, it also refers to visitors being able to type the address accurately every time. Numbers should be avoided, as they can create confusion about whether to use the character or the spelled out word (e.g. 4/four), and characters such as hyphens are easily skipped, which can lead to broken links and otherwise interested customers being inadvertently turned away.

Claim It Once you’ve come up with an ideal domain name for your business web site, the final step is to protect it. Register your new domain name as soon as possible, as they can disappear quickly. Purchase multiple domain extensions, including “.com,” “.org,” and “.biz,” so you can control how your newly established brand is perceived, and be sure to purchase common misspellings of your company’s name as possible so user will be automatically directed to your site even if they mistype it.

Once you’ve put your brand new site up, keep visitor interest up by providing fresh content on a regular basis and remember to renew your domain contract when it expires, as outside parties could easily snatch it up during any lapse after your term ends. The perfect domain name for your business has the right combination of informational value and memorability, and although it’s certainly more alchemy than science, the method involved is fairly straightforward.

Find out more here about how a well-chosen domain name can give your business the boost it needs.