Google Adsense Click Bomb Protection WP Plugin Download

Google Adsense Click Bomb Protection – Click bombing occurs when your adsense ads gets click MUCH more than normal. One day you notice your Google Adsense account has unusual page CTR like 5, 10 or maybe more than your normal rate – this would be click bombing. Click bombing is a method people use on the web to destroy other people’s websites income from adsense.


How to Prevent it?
Google Adsense comes with a official “Invalid Clicks Contact Form” which you can use to report any unusual
account activity. One more preventive method to use this plugin and protect your Adsense Account from getting banned.
Put your ads inside ‘cbprotect’ div. E.g –[your adsense or any other
alternative ads code block]
Features included:
1. Usability – This plugin is intuitive and easy to function.
2. Functionality – The plugin reacts and disable the ads if the click count reaches to a
specified number from same IP address. This number also the time period of ban is usually set using
3. Compatibility ­This plugin was created to work with any Theme.
4. Advantages – This plugin will protect your adsense account from getting banned. Peace of mind
assured using this type of plugin. Power to unblock the IP’s that have been banned.

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Yoast Video SEO WordPress Plugin Download

Yoast Video SEO Plugin v4.2.1 , Want to make sure your videos appear in Google Videos search results? Want your videos to be found by search engines like Google? The Video SEO Plugin takes care of this!


Example of a video search result
Let’s look at an example! If you search for e.g. [Yoast] in Google Videos, you’ll find this result from SEO Blog, SEO Video, SEO Backlinks Video.
See how cool that is? And it’s very easy too! If you use our plugin, the only thing you have to do is embed the video. After that, you add meta descriptions and good titles to your videos and choose the right tags and categories. That’s all!
The Video SEO plugin supports: Automatic XML Video Sitemap generation (adding on to the WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps), MediaRSS enhancements to your RSS feed, Full support for videoObject markup, Snippet previews with the actual video thumbnail in them and the ability to change that thumbnail, Facebook OpenGraph tags on your video pages so the video can optionally be played directly in Facebook, Support for many major video platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion, Wistia and many others.

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Yoast News SEO WP Plugin Download

Yoast News SEO Plugin v4.2.1 , The News SEO plugin for the Yoast SEO plugin helps you do all the things that allow you to optimize your site for Google News.


It creates XML News Sitemaps, editors’ picks RSS feeds and allows for use of the standout tag and the meta news keywords tag as well as helping you optimize some of the more advanced XML News sitemap options like stock tickers.

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Yoast Local Seo Premium WP Plugin Download

Yoast Local Seo Premium Plugin v4.2.1 ; Want to make sure your company website ranks high in Google in your local community? Want to be found by patients or customers in your neighborhood? And: want to improve the usability of your site by easily adding your location and opening hours to your website?
Our Local SEO plugin for WordPress helps you to set up your website in a way that will rank higher in Google for your local community. Above that, it largely improves the usability of the contact page of your website.


If you use WooCommerce for your online shop, you should try Local SEO for WooCommerce. This plugin combines the features of Local SEO with specific options for WooCommerce. You now have an all-in-one package to start ranking and selling locally.
Higher ranking in local search
Searching in Google (or any other search engine) for a hairdresser or a dentist will result in a list of hairdressers or dentists in your local community. So, local search appears to happen spontaneously! However, in order to give a (high) ranking, Google does need to know the exact location of your business. Above that, Google needs to know what type of business you provide.
Our Local SEO plugin provides Google and other search engines with the exact information it needs to show your company website in the local search results. Whether your company has only one office, or multiple locations, our Local SEO plugin will make sure it will appear in the local search results.

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Download Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress Plugins

Download Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress v3.3.1 Codecanyon Premium WordPress Plugin

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress v3.3.1 is The best Social Slider plugin for WordPress on the market.

Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity. for more information about this plugin please click On Demo Button.

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Social Media Auto poster v4.02 WordPress Plugin Download

Time is money. Every second we save running our website counts. We developed the social media autoposter to automate the process of posting your wordpress posts to different social media channels. You can set this plugin up in a few minutes and have it posting different blog posts to facebook (facebook page and facebook groups), linkedin, instagram and/or twitter. You can add multiple facebook, linkedin, instagram or twitter accounts and have different content be posted automatically to the different social accounts.


Auto post any or all content to multiple social media channels (currently twitter, facebook profile , facebook page, facebook groups, linkedin profile, linkedin companies and instagram).

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WP Plugin PingAutomatic 2.0 Download

PingAutomatic 2.0 Free WordPress Plugin Download. The software is very easily install able that makes your website’s backlinks up to date so they are always viewed by Google. Don’t waste your time in making lists of backlinks that will never be indexed in Google and not worth more than a piece of crap. Many software’s are giving backlinks but most of them are useless and are generated by themselves, with this software you will get authentic keywords.


Ping Automatic 2.0 is an easy to install piece of software that keeps your backlinks fresh so that they continue to be seen by Google. There is nothing more frustrating than building a bunch of backlinks that never get indexed, or worse, that slowly disappear over time. With Ping Automatic 2.0: keep your sites ranking high, keep all your site’s pages indexed & ranking high, get (and keep) all your backlinks indexed, drive tons and tons of link-juice to your site.

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Plugin Like Jacking Ninja Lite Nulled Download

How a Secret WP Plugin Sent 9,157 Likes to a FB Page on Complete Autopilot in 30 Days Resulting in Over $1,100 of Income. Stop Risking Your FB Pages Buying Fake Likes When You Can Drive 1000’s of Real Likes on Total Auto-pilot to ANY Facebook Page or Website Using a Set and Forget WP Plugin… If you’re serious about being able to take advantage of the powerful viral nature of Facebook and drive incredible amounts of FB Likes to any Facebook page or website without having to beg and plead your visitors to hit the “like” button then this WP plugin is exactly what you need right now!!


FB Like Jacking Ninja Features:
– Works on mobile and desktop traffic…
– Advance features to keep you off the FB radar…
– Have TOTAL control over all parts of the Like Jacking…
– Deactivate the plugin at certain times of the day
– Avoid jacking traffic from certain IP’s……
– Avoid jacking traffic from certain referrers…
– Only jack a percentage of your sites traffic…
– Only jack visitors from certain countries/cities…
– Works in total stealth mode…
– Your visitors will never know they’ve been like jacked…
– Get Likes for any FB page or website URL…
– Safe to use with AdSense…

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SEOAnalyzer – WordPress Plugin Download

The owner of any online resource needs an effective website analyzing solution. So, you should definitely implement website analytics software into your website. If your website is made on WordPress then you can do this easily and quickly. All that you need to do is to install the “SEOAnalyzer” plugin. You don’t need to have coding skills in order to implement website analyzer into WordPress site.


The plugin is installed automatically, so you will manage to save both your time and money. Once the “SEOAnalyzer” plugin is installed, the visitors of your site will manage to analyze any websites successfully. Features:Various ranking stats such Alexa rank, Domain age with WHOIS info, Website screen preview, Social stats checker, Shortcodes support, IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) support, Clean and responsive design layout, Generate report as PDF file, Fully translatable to any language, Robots.txt and Sitemap checker included, Website Meta info, , 100% Responsive design, SEO friendly, Quick and Easy Installation, Ready for localization, WPML supported, RTL Supported, Easy to Use, Customization.

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