iYOOTOOB Premium YouTube CMS Script Download

Welcome to iYOOTOOB – PREMIUM YOUTUBE CMS. Its a Content Management System that allows you to build websites depending in your niches using Youtube Videos easily. Let’s say your website focus more on Web Development you can add videos or channels that is related to Web Development using our Admin in just a few clicks.

iYOOTOOB -Premium-YouTube-CMS-Script-Download

We build this script using the latest technology such as the following:
– Laravel 5.2
– Angularjs
– Coffeescript Transpiler
– Javascript Etc..
– Responsive Design work on all screen sizes
– Easy to deploy and comes with detailed documentations.
– Manually Add videos or using our auto search functionality.
– Has Cron Job to get channels automatically.
– Secure codes, by implementing xss scripts, sql injection and CSRF attack.
– SEO Ready and can be changed in our admin page.
– Rate system such as likes and dislike with unique page views.
– Favorite System
– Built-in Contact Us Page.
– Create Unlimited Pages.
– Monetization of sites can be added in our Advertisement Module in the admin.
– Share Button Videos from your social networks.
– Download Video Options.

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NextPost v2 Instagram Scheduler Auto Post Schedule Manage Instagram Multi Accounts PHP Script Download

NextPost is an online marketing tool auto posting web application that allows you to auto post to Instagram, schedule and manage your Instagram accounts at the same time. With NextPost, you can post and assess your posts in a single panel and save time managing multiple Instagram accounts.


Instagram was designed to help users capture events as they transpire and stay updated about their friends, family and customers. Real-time posting may be the best way to use it, but not everyone has the luxury of time to update their Instagram account in real time. The native version of the social media platform allows you to view Instagram content and communicate with your followers and the people you are following, but it doesn’t allow you to upload anything. There are some tools that allow you to upload videos and photos, but they don’t let you schedule your content. With NextPost, you don’t need to worry about managing several Instagram accounts and posting content.
– NextPost boasts the following features to help you save time and focus on more important matters:
– User-friendly design
– Post Now function
– Schedule posts
– Multi Instagram Accounts
– Cloud Drives (Dropbox, OneDrive) and PayPal Integration
– Automatically Post Photos, Stories and Videos
– Internal User Management
– User registration and login system
– Emoji Support
– Statistics
– Instagram auto post – Automatically post same content to all Instagram accounts
– Packages Subscription
– Secure Password Hashing
– Mobile Responsive Design
– Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed code
– PNG support
– Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios
NextPost is easy to install and has a mobile responsive design, so it will maintain its look even when viewed using mobile devices.

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Vido – Video Social Media App Template Download

Create your own video social media app, in minutes. Inspired by Instagram, vine and snapchat, the Vido Android App template makes video streaming easy. Vido is not just an Android App template. It’s a complete video social media solution! Included in the package you will get an Android App, a Web App and a fully functional Admin Panel.


Vido is not just an Android App template. It’s a complete video social media solution! Included in the package you will get an Android App, a Web App and a fully functional Admin Panel. Your users would be able to view all the videos from the Android App or on any device via the Web App. Using the Android App, anyone can login with one click using the Facebook login.
Using the in-app video camera, your users can create short videos and submit them to your server, making them instantly available for everyone.

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3 Factors to Successfully Decide for SEO in 2017

The first 6 months of 2017 is considered a difficult time with SEO-er worldwide, when Google update algorithm Fred penalize a series of websites. This makes many SEO-er extremely confused and do not know what is going on with them.

In this article, I will show you the three most effective factors, and also the most important factors to bring success in SEO. There are many factors that determine the success of SEO, but for me there are 3 most important factors:

  • Make Google understand the topic your website is talking about (relevancy)
  • DO NOT “Over-Optimize” your website
  • Your website must have strength and trust

These 3 factors are the most important because it is the core issue, is the foundation of any SEO-er also need to know if do not want to fail.

1. Make it easy for Google to understand your website
You own a company that provides SEO services, so how does Google understand your website is talking about it? Here are five factors that help Google understand the content of a website sorted in descending order of important

When you select the domain for your business, select the domain that contains the keyword. Believe me, if your domain contains keywords, this will greatly affect your SEO process, your SEO campaign is much easier. Of course, I do not say that brand domain names will not good for seo, but domain names that contain keywords will have much more advantages.
Because, when google bot access to your website, the domain, title, url are the first elements to be noticed by google. So, these are the 3 most deciding factors related to your website.

Anchor text
Anchor text is a word or phrase that is insert into an article that contains a link to other page in your website or to other website. It can be said that anchor text is extremely important in allowing Google bot to track links and understand your website.

Website title is the third factor that helps Google and visitor understand your site fields. When Google bots access your website to collect data, it will go in order of priority: Domains -> Url -> Title -> Content. Because title is a very important factor in SEO, you should insert your most important keyword into the SEO page

Content is considered to be the last factor in helping google understand what your website is about. If your website does not have content then how can you sell products and build the brand? For me, content is an indispensable element of marketing and beyond, there are many people with only content marketing strategies but still successful in SEO to the viral content on the internet has helped them raise the brand.
There are other ways Google can understand your site, however, the above are the four most important factors in the moment.

2. DO NOT “Over-Optimize” your website
I believe many people do not know this term. This is what makes 90% of SEO-er in the world “confused” do not know why their website can not get high position on the Google Serp and not even reached the top 100
Over-optimize is cramming high density keywords or sending thousands of backlinks from the blogs, forums low quality about your own site. Over-optimize can come from both Onpage and Offpage . This makes their website to be underestimated by Google for its level of trust, their website can not get high position on the SERP no matter how hard they try.

Here are some things you need to do.


  • Keyword density should not exceed 2%
  • Keywords in the URL only repeat once
  • Keywords in the article should be diversified, not focused on a specific keyword


  • Do not build multiple backlinks that lead to your site focusing only on one anchor text
  • Anchor text need to be used in a variety of ways (Generic Anchor , Branded Anchors,Naked Link Anchors,Image Anchors,Brand + Keyword Anchor…)

3. Website must have great strength and trust
As I said above, making Google understand the content of the website and not over-optimize it are two core factors that help your website increase your rankings on Google search results. However, with the third factor – creating strength and trust for your website through finding relevant backlinks and building relevancy is hard work and time consuming.
One question you can ask now is: “What site will Google rank higher in search results when so many websites implement these two factors?” The answer is the strength and trust of the website. These two factors are judged by the DA – Domain Authority and PA – Page Authority (MOZ) and TrustFlow (Majestic).
Many people think that PR (Page Rank) is very important for a website, however, this factor does can not say anything about your website. For simplicity reasons, from 2013 Google has not updated the PR of all web pages and by February, 2016, it has been removed from Google. Instead, the use of DA, PA and Trust flow to evaluate websites will be much more accurate. The question is, how to can your website increase DA, PA, TF? The best way is to build quality backlinks on your website. You need to know the present and the future, QUALITY IS THE DECISIVE FACTOR

VAULT Traffic X PLR Videos Training Download

Brand NEW Video Training Reveals The #1 Way to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Using Secret Underground Tactics!


It is said that WEBSITE TRAFFIC is the life-blood to every online business. That’s why online entrepreneurs and website owners are doing their best effort and budget some amount of money to keep that flow of leads are flowing to evaluate.
The thing is that, if you keep on spending money for advertisement, you might end up bankcrupt and stop your operation. That’s why internet marketers are doing their job where they can find these high converting FREE traffic sources.
The good news is that, inside this product is a value information that you are about to learn how to generate a lot of traffic which came from these free sources.

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Video Ad PopUp Plugin Free Download

Video Ad POPUP is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to EASILY add targeted ads (overlay) on videos displayed on your site.


Videos from: youtube, metacafe, vimeo, and most other popular video sharing platforms.
Package includes:
– WP Plugin
– User Guide

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Download PTC Evolution Free Ptc Script

Download PTC Evolution Free Ptc Script to create a PTC Evolution Script free download.


Join our community of people who are rewarded daily for watching advertisements and completing offers!
Buxvertise rewards you for viewing advertisements, completing offers, completing surveys, playing games and other fun stuff.
Advertising on BuxVertise allows you to target your ads to over 246 countries which can dramatically increase your sales and results.
Install go to:
license key:freeforall
after finish go to phpmyadmin import ip2nation_sql

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Google SEO to Improve your Website Ranking in Search Engine Course

Google SEO to Improve your Website Ranking in Search Engine – Course 100% OFF. Google SEO for Website ranking, Also Learn the way to get rank on top in search result, how to target Keywords and drive organic traffic.


SEO100 limited time offer, use Google SEO for Website ranking, Also Learn the way to get rank on top in search result, how to target Keywords and drive organic traffic.
Boost your website rank faster. Latest Tricks and tips to understand the logic of search engine. Make a site with real time SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this course, you will find out new way of getting rank in the top of search result. You will learn how to create safe back links, also talking about some SEO plugins for Google Chrome. Learn the way of adding images, title, description, headlining, unique contents, links. Manage links for menu bar category, tags and comment for your website.
Google SEO Course outlines:
– How to Get rank on Top.
– How to Research for Keywords.
– How to create Unique contents
– How to add (Images, Links, Category, Tags).
– How to create safe back links

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Twitter marketing Strategy How to Promote ClickBank

Twitter marketing – my strategy – How I promote ClickBank – Udemy Course 100% Off. Increase sales by promoting affiliate links and ClickBank products Automate your work on Twitter.


Learn Twitter Marketing! This is my personal strategy what i`m using every day to promote my Affiliate Links, ClickBank products and my hotels-travel website. As well I`m doing sponsored tweets.
This strategy brings me stable income every month and my Twittеr account growing every day and I`m really happy with this. I`m always working to improve my results so this why I want to share with my Twittеr Marketing strategy with community!
In this course I will talk about:

  1. How to optimize your twitter profile
  2. How to receive huge followers base
  3. Why and How you should use Viral Marketing
  4. Tools and Online services what i`m using to automate all my work process
  5. How to promote your Affiliate links and ClickBank products
  6. Why you should use Twitter Analytics
Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to get paid to tweet, this course has everything you need to get started!
  • If you do not understand the value of Twitter and want to learn what it is, you can discover exactly where to get an ROI out of Twitter in this course.
  • If you enjoy Twitter and want to build more followers, this course shows you exactly how.
  • If you want to use Twitter to increase your website traffic, YouTube video views, affiliate sales, ClickBank sales, this course shows you how!
  • If you think Twitter is dumb and do not want to learn more about it, this course is probably not for you!

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10 Simple Steps to Increase Website Traffic With Social Networking

One of the primary objectives for entrepreneurs with online vicinity would be to get whatever number site guests as could be allowed. Some individuals think this comes simple to them while other think its a troublesome, if not an unimaginable errand. In the event that you are having issues with not getting the” natural” site movement you had trusted for, you ought to investigate your methodology and the substance you are posting about.


Make Quality Content

Quality articles will show signs of improvement in list items. Verify that your articles address the needs of your followers, and that they can discover the majority of the data they require in one spot. This is the best means for expanding movement to a site; Create content that is useful and helpful. Basically cobbling together data from an alternate site won’t create activity. Avoid content generators.

Shift your article length

Let the substance direct the size; don’t spend an excessively long time dwelling on a straightforward point, however don’t be excessively concise when subtle element is called for. Exploration recommends the normal length ought to be around 1,600 words, however don’t hesitate to fluctuate as you see fit. Good locales address a particular specialty or group of onlookers and after that turn into a master in that field. Either begins a site focused around an enthusiasm of yours, or analyze the business and discover a corner that hasn’t been tended to well. Transform that specialty into your ability.

Assemble great connections

Exchanging connections with different sites that are nearly identified with the subject of your site can bring you more site activity. These are two-way interfaces on the grounds that you must give a connection to them, as well, and joining to low-quality sites can undermine the believability of yours. Contact organizations that identify with your specialty. Getting an organization to connection to your website for a how-to article, or a blog entry identified with their item, can fundamentally expand your movement. Attempt to fabricate a few connections with organizations in your specialty. Set up a RSS channel. A RSS channel permits your articles to be effortlessly interfaced in a mixed bag of different spots. Submitting your RSS channel to catalogs can truly give your connections a support.


Ask your followers to get included. On the off chance that the pursuers feel like the site manager is intrigued by them, they will be more prone to keep returning. Calls to activity captivate the peruse, and helps keep them on the page. Calls to activity may incorporate asking the per user to compose in with reactions, sound off in the remarks, or visit a site. Stay joined with different sites that identify with yours. Comments are an extraordinary approach to stay in contact with your followers. React to great remarks on your articles, and utilize the remark space to make inquiries.

Visitor post on different online journals

Visitor posts are an incredible approach to drive movement between related online journals, and permit you to increase per users that may not regularly make it to your website. Make certain to permit any visitor notices to connection again to their webpage, and impart any visitor posts the same as you would your own particular posts. Stay joined with different sites that identify with yours. Leave remarks on their posts and interface with the groups. Don’t peddle your site; however permit individuals to discover their approach to it.

Online Networking Sharing

Long range informal communication is massively paramount, and guaranteeing that you have strong vicinity will have a vast effect on your perspectives. Post convincing substance and you’ll soon fabricate a devoted after. Facebook permits you to make a page for your site or organization. This permits you to rapidly impart new articles to your Facebook adherents, and additionally impart other related articles. A Facebook Page is likewise a decent approach to promote your web page to countless blogging programming bundles permit you to do this consequently. Verify you have a connection to your Twitter channel on your site. Verify that your blog entries have great, clear pictures in case you’re going to stick them on Pinterest.google+ is Google’s interpersonal organization administration, and like the others, permits you to effortlessly post connections to your distributed articles.

Use hash tags

Hash tags are presently display on most real interpersonal organizations – Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so forth. Hash tags can help develop your activity by making your social redesigns all the more effortlessly discoverable. I prescribe utilizing close to two hash tags for every upgrade, as an excess of them will put off some individuals.  Attempt to likewise take a gander at which hash tags are inclining for the day and use them in your upgrades wherever conceivable. There will be more individuals hunting down those hash tags.

Reddit and Digg

Reddit and Digg both have extensive groups of dynamic clients. Posting your article can bring about a ton of great movement and offering, as long as you are posting in the right place and after accommodation rules.be beyond any doubt to utilize hashtags to promote your website on the photographs, and have a connection to your webpage in your profile.Tumblr is a blogging administration that permits you to effectively connection to substance around the web. Use Tumblr to post connections to your articles and additionally related substance.

Keep it Simple

Utilize clean foundations. The foundation surfaces and shade you pick can radically influence the general advance of the site. Loads of surface and illustrations out of sight might be diverting. In the event that you are going to utilize a shade on the foundation, you ought to verify there indicant complexity between the foundation color and the content. Be watchful when utilizing brighter and darker shades, for example, red or yellow. They cause visual weakness (interim loss of quality and vitality coming about because of hard physical or mental work) and the per user will lose their concentrate on the content.

YouTube channel link it to your site

Utilize clean foundations. The foundation surfaces and shade you pick can radically influence the general advance of the site. Loads of surface and illustrations out of sight might be diverting. In the event that you are going to utilize a shade on the foundation, you ought to verify there indicant complexity between the foundation color and the content. Be watchful when utilizing brighter and darker shades, for example, red or yellow. They cause visual weakness (interim loss of quality and vitality coming about because of hard physical or mental work) and the per user will lose their concentrate on the content.