Avast Mobile Antivirus 2017 Free Download

If you are happy with Avast on your computer, you should definitely consider installing Avast on your mobile device with Android. It offers a great level of protection, lots of advanced features and it’s completely for free. There is also a premium version with extra features for $1.99 monthly, or $14.99 yearly.


Avast Free Mobile Security will protect your mobile or tablet against the latest threats and infected files – basically any kind of mobile malware and spyware which is out there. Same as the World’s most trusted Windows version. There are also some mobile-specific features like Call & SMS Filter, Network Meter or App Locking.
But the biggest advantage is the presence of the free Anti-Theft feature which will help you find your phone when it gets stolen or lost. Check out the full list of features in the table below.
Avast Free Mobile Security is one of the best protection for Android available and a must for all Avast lovers! Current rating on Google Play Store is fantastic 4.5 stars. It is also really popular with more than 100,000,000 installations.
– Anti-Virus Engine: Automatically scans for any type of malware in the installed applications
– Anti-Theft: Helps you to locate and remotely control your lost or stolen mobile phone
– Web Shield: Protects you against infected links and websites when browsing on the Internet
– Privacy Report: Analyzes installed apps and their permissions to keep your identity private
– Call & SMS Filter: Blocks incoming calls or messages from the specified numbers
– Network Meter: Measures incoming (download) and outgoing (upload) data transfers
– Firewall (rooted device only): Protects you from hacker attacks
– App Lock: Locks specified apps from opening without the password or gesture
– Geo-Fencing: Performs specific action (siren) when device leaves the set perimeter
– Avast Free Mobile Security User & Experts Reviews
Avast Free Mobile Security is also very well accepted by the community, either common user or independent experts. Probably the most important rating is on the Google Play Store because its coming from more than 3.7 million users.

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