Top 5 Best Anti Virus for iPhone, iPad (iOS) free Download

Having an amazing Smartphone like iPhone or another iOS device gives us nice desire in our lifestyle. iPhone gives us premium touch and wide brand value, iPhone itself is a class nowadays. But apart from brand value and premium look, have you ever wondered about your iPhone’s security, I mean security of your personal data on your iPhone or other i-devices. Yes, I am talking about Anti Virus for iPhone.


What if your all personal data like photos, documents, videos, music etc. are not safe at all? Sounds bad right? As per current digital market is heating up for security issues, you should be much aware of security for your iPhone device to protect your all important data (documents, photos, videos etc.). Hence, all you need is a good anti virus for your masterpiece.

Best iPhone Antivirus Apps free Download

So, bellow is the overview and list of top 10 best anti virus for iPhone. Choose your own anti virus from here to protect your iPhone for free and stay free peace of mind.

1. Avast Secure Me

Yes! Its name explains it all. Obviously! You are familiar to Avast and they provide us vast collection of anti virus app for free and pro versions for all available platform. It is free to download for your iPhone from App Store and from Avast Website. The Avast Secure Me protect being known as world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while device is connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi.

This app allows you to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and notifies you whether it is safe or not. Although, Avast Secure Me features virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to encrypt browsing experience. It helps you to protect your emails, browser history, and personal data from thieves. Unlock to Download:

2. Lookout Mobile Security

One of the best mobile security for iPhone or other iOS devices. This anti virus is quite popular for iOS users and personally my favorite too. This allows you to backup your all of personal data. This app secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi, if network is founds unsafe by the Lookout app. It’s also tracks your device and it’s helpful to find out your lost iPhone device. Lookout is free to download for your iPhone and give your iPhone complete protection. Unlock to Download:

3. McAfee Mobile Security

This anti virus is another brand name in its arena. McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing security bugs and protects your iPhone device. Your can download this anti virus for iPhone for free but you can opt out to pro version paying some bucks to enable more features. This app protects you from the unsecured website if there are any harmful issues found. Unlock to Download:

4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton also most known security brand. Their mobile security app detects unsafe app from your installed iPhone device and protects you from cyber criminals. Unlike another security app Norton Mobile Security also protect you unsafe website browsing with its Safe Browsing feature and alert you from the harmful website including fishing or malicious links. It’s an all packed mobile security free to download for iPhone users. Unlock to Download:

5. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier app is free to download from App Store for iPhone or other iOS users. It’s so fast analyzing your iPhone data and protects you from the malicious file or repair it. VirusBarrier not only protects your iPhone, it helps you to protect your Mac or Pc from malicious files. Other features like Safe Browser, Location Tracker, and Safe Wi-Fi connect help you to protect your iPhone device. Unlock to Download:

How to use WhatsApp Without Using Your Own Number or With USA Number

Here is much awaited working trick of WhatsApp through which you can use WhatsApp without your own mobile number.

Yes, you read it right. Now its too easy to use WhatsApp without any number and its working fabulously.
Trick is personally tested by me and its working fine. Here we are going to use Voxox application to get success in this trick.

Most of you might already know about Voxox application which helps us to call anyone using any other number.

Steps to Follow:
1) Download & install app from Here ( Like us to unlock) .

2) Once you download, create new account.

3) Now goto ” More ” tab, there you will find your Voxox number, just note it down.

4) Now start WhatsApp and enter Voxox number at the time of verification.

5) Finally, You will get a notification after putting the number,Just click on that and you will redirected to Whatsapp.(if msg is not come then Open your registered id . and here you will findvovox mail open it then you wil get whatsapp otp)

Bravo !! You did it !! Now enjoy WhatsApp without using your own number.

Download 2.000 wiki sites PR0 to PR9 + A huge list

In this lists you will get all the other lists that I shared here, it’s a all in one if I can call it this way.


More I also added a huge list of footprints that you can use to find websites from almost any platform. This is was not created by me, I only get it from here but I merge it all the footprints in one folder so it will be easy to be used.

Free Download 2.000 wiki sites PR0 to PR9 + A huge list

Photo Editor for Android Using Aviary with AdMob

Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor with many amazing effects!A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone!There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos! Photo Editor will give you the look you want in seconds.Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo. even if you’ve never edited a photo before.


Key Features:
– One-tap auto enhance
– Gorgeous photo effects and frames
– Fun stickers
– Color balance
– Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
– Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
– Sharpen and blur
– Color temperature (“Warmth”)
– Color Splash
– Focus (Tilt Shift)
– Draw and add text
– Create your own memes
– Share to social network
– AdMob Integrate(Latest Google Play Service)
– Complete Documentation
– Full Source Code Demo

Get Photo Editor for Android Using Aviary Free Download

RSS Auto Pilot WP Plugin – One Click Site Builder Free Download

RSS Aggregator is a RSS Feed Content Site Builder and Blogging System to Create and Manage Money Making website or you can even use it as your Personal Google RSS Reader with your favorite blog/rss feed collections. It is the only aggregator with all in one features and every day development.


Furthermore, RSS Aggregator is user-friendly, responsive, and customizable for any niche or use as your personal rss google reader. Build on Laravel 5.1 which is the best framework in the market with high security. Once you configured everything, you can sit down, relax and run your website on auto-pilot, read news and even make money if you want! Demo

Get RSS Auto Pilot WP Plugin One Click Site Builder Free Download

WordPress Auto Spinner Plugin – Articles Rewriter

WordPress auto spinner rewrites wordpress posts automatically to convert it to fresh new content by replacing words and phrases by it’s synonyms on auto pilot using it’s built in synonyms database or optionally using one of the best spinning services api including.


1. SpinRewriter api
2. api
3. api
4. ChimpRewriter api
5. api
6. api

Get Wordpress Auto Spinner Plugin – Articles Rewriter Free Download Video Demo

SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download

SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 – WordPress Plugin – With this WordPress plugin you can easy integrate the SVG Avatars Generator, which lets your visitors create custom avatars. This Generator is based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), which is supported by all modern browsers and does not depend on screen resolutions.


SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download – Size: 0.83 MB

Get SVG Avatars Generator v1.1.2 WordPress Plugin Free Download


Youmax v2.1 Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script

Youmax v2.1 Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script pulls in your videos from YouTube & Vimeo and shows them on your website. This is automatic. So when you add a new video on YouTube, you don’t have to update your site again.


Youmax v2.1 – Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script

Get Youmax v2.1 Grow your YouTube and Vimeo Business PHP Script Free Download

How to get Free real Twitters Followers

In this post, you will find a step by step tutorial to get free real twitter followers on your twitter profile:


1. Firstly, you need to visit: Twitter top 100 popular followers
2. After landing on the above shown website, you will be able to see the “top hundred people that have got highest number of followers.
3. Follow top ten people from the list.
4. Now, open 10 tabs on your Google chrome browser with the help of incognito (Cntr+shift+n) and open those 10 profiles that you have followed in these tabs.

Each time you will follow any of those top 10 profiles, your name is going to come at the very top, which means, any one who is going to follow them, he or she will also follow you. any person, who has followed the followers of any of those top ten in the list, is also going to follow you 1st, any person who is checking the profiles of any of those top 10, will also check your profile. Which means, if you will keep on repeating this process, with in 10 or 20 minutes, you will reach approx. 2 to 300 followers in your profile!

How this process actually works:
Normally, these top ten profiles get thousands and thousands of followers each and every hour and at the time of adding these followers, they find your name at the very top at their list, so they also follow you. Lets suppose, if any person is making use of a bot that follows the followers of those top ten profiles then, you are going to be the 1st one that they are going to follow.

Its a bug and its working for me really well. I have got thousands and thousands of followers in my profile after using this technique. The only thing you will have to do after getting this much amount of followers is to manage your profile properly and keep it updated all the time with the latest and interesting stuff.

Use StumbleUpon to Drive Massive traffic on your website

Social media networks can give you great amount of traffic like Google. They can also be called as an engine for content discovery. Social media network has got the qualities of both, a search engine as well as a bookmarking site. To get massive traffic from Stumbleupon, you will have to follow some tricks. I have tried to explain each and every bit of technique in the article from which, you can drive thousands of visitors on your blog.


1.Register: Create your profile on Stumbleupon by including your personal information like your image and interests. Also include a small bio about yourself and your website. Don’t forget to mention your website link in the bio section.


2.Start submitting links that you think are the best: You can install a Stumbleupon toolbar on your browser for convenience. When ever you find anything interesting and weird, Give it a thumbs up and write a small instant review. These quality submissions will help you to build a reputation in the eyes of Stumbleupon’s algorithm.

3.Add brand new sites daily instead of spamming only one: First of all, you need to become loyal to Stumbleupon community before getting traffic on your website. Try to use like normally people do and kill the spammer inside you. Regular thumbs up’s and short reviews on the articles that you like will be great. In a similar way, when ever your article will get like or a review, your traffic will be boosted. More you get the followers, reviews and submissions, more you will create goodness in the eyes of Stumble.

4.Make Friends: Stumbleupon works in a similar way as other social networks. You can also make friends in it. Select people shown in the suggested friends list or users who have endorsed same articles s yours. To know about their interests, you can check the section of “How Similar Are You.”

5.Invest time: This one is tough! I understand that these days, people are more into Facebook and twitter because of its popularity, but if you you really want to get genuine and forever traffic from Stumbleupon, you will have to spend similar amount of time on it like you give to Twitter and Facebook.

6.Share your blog links with your friends: After following the above mentioned points, you will have many active friends on Stumbleupon who might be having similar interest as yours. When ever you publish any new article on your website, send its link to those friends and ask them to review and thumbs up.

7.Onsite Exposure: Social share bar is a must on your website, Your visitors should be able to share the articles they like the most by stumbling it, sharing it on Facebook or tweeting it.

You can also post your website links automatically on Stumbleupon by using NextScripts- A great WP Auto Poster Plugin For Social Networks