Twitter Auto Followers and Tweets Php Script Free Download

Friends good news today find it twitters auto tweet script and its amazing working.


It’s Possible I know that you can easily tweet everyone and many days a later upload an auto.Twitter follower, working script, same like this.Another script is slowly working, but this script, is so faster.and its just depend on you how you can edit this script and how can customize, it’s not easy, but you can do it on yourself.

This script is only working on paid hosting and free premium hosting, it’s so important for you know that which platform is best for hosting you can see more in below.


Facebook FanPage LIKE Auto invite all Friends

Automatically invite all your friends to LIKE your FanPage. Simply open the application and follow the directions to see the results. Easy and simple to use.


Save time, let our automatic friend inviter do the work for you. This code automates the process of inviting your friends to like your page and helps you to get more likes on your Facebook page.

1. Open your FanPage (no neded admins or manager)
2. In Brower ( Preferd Chrome) type JAVASCRIPT:
3. Copy Past CODE in browser after :
4. Enter ( See Youtube Video Here )
Free Download Auto Facebook Likes FanPage Code 2017 ( Like to unlock )

Need for Speed No limits NFS Free Download Android APK Game

Need for speed: No limits – participate in dynamic races on the city streets at night.


Drive a powerful car and be faster than your opponents. Become the fastest street racer in this game for Android. Do a variety of tasks and compete with strong rivals on interesting tracks. Win races and earn rewards. Buy new cars of different brands. Improve your cars in the garage. Buy a variety of spare parts and use them to upgrade your car improving its performance.

Game features:

– Great graphics
– Good controls
– Different cars
– Many missions
– Absorbing gameplay

Need for Speed No limits NFS Free Download Android APK Game Video


10 Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

Snapchat! The app is so freakin’ addictive, you really can’t blame your friends for constantly checking their feeds and uploading snaps. You’re probably hooked too, and this list of easy Snapchat hacks is only going to make your addiction worse. You’re going to want to take advantage of all these underrated features.


1. Blow up emoji characters: To make emoji big — really big — “type” the one you want to use and hit the “T” symbol in the upper right corner. Then, with two fingers, zoom in and out of the emoji to make it bigger or smaller.

2. See who watched your story: Want to know exactly who’s been looking at your snaps? Tap on your story and you’ll see an eyeball with a number next to it. Tap on that eyeball and you’ll get a drop-down list with the names of all your followers who saw it.

3. Tap — don’t hold — stories and snaps to see them: You no longer have to hold down on a story or individual snap to view it. Instead, just tap with your finger. You can still hit the screen to skip a story and move onto the next one. Want to exit a story? Simply swipe down.

4. Switch between cameras while filming video: Now you can create videos of your face and your POV by swapping between front-facing and rear cameras during your snaps. Finally!

5. Write multiple lines of text: The secret to adding paragraphs of text to your snaps is way easier than you’d expect.

6. Create your own geofilter: If you’re artistically inclined, you don’t have to wait for Snapchat to design a location-based art filter — simply make your own!

7. Use real-time video chatting: You can call up your Snapchat contacts for a video call using the fun new features in chat. Bonus: you can even leave video messages!

8. Skip through boring stories: You don’t have to watch all 240 seconds of your friend’s obnoxiously loud concert snaps — simply tap your screen to hop through snaps on somebody else’s story.

9. Send cash with Snapcash: Not a fan of Venmo? No problem. Take care of on-the-go transactions with Snapchat’s money-transfer feature.

10. Discover hidden colors: By dragging your finger from the rainbow color options box to various corners of your phone’s screen, you can discover shades like black, white, and pink — all of which are hidden to iPhone users.

Disney emojis are about to become a part of your world Android APK game

Disney Games released a trailer debuting nearly 400 new emojis, all of them Disney or Pixar themed. Emojis come from both Disney classics, including Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse, and (slightly) more modern movies, like The Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch.


In order to collect these emojis, however, you’ll first have to play a strenuous matching game called “Disney Emoji Blitz.”

No matching, no Disney emoji for you.

Disney emoji will be released to iOS and Android. Soon enough, teenagers and grown adults everywhere will be able to express their secret mermaid side with an Ariel emoji, or a magical moment with the magic hat emoji.

Don’t want to use words to express your feelings? Let America’s most beloved/controversial brand do the job for you.

Learn more about Disney emoji by watching the video below: Youtube VIDEO


Instagram Auto Liker Php Script Free Download with Guide How to use

Friends are you ready today am going to share Instagram auto liker script, its full HD and HTML and CSS Coding using the owner of this script.


One man told me upload Instagram auto liker script so I will find and check it that script working or not then I will decide to upload in our site this script is superb working and 100% faster. with you can easily attach the facebook auto liker script and much more tools.

If you Need more Tools Same like that see in below

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3. Instagram Auto follower Script,
4. Instagram Auto Comments likes script
5. Instagram auto likes and comments bot script,
6. Instagram auto-share script,

This all script is Available but not free its just paid today am only free share Instagram auto liker PHP script.So download in below


Basket Shots HD Basketball Game Template

Basket Shots is a Basketball game, where you have to use your skills to score as many points as you can.


Basket Shots is a Basketball game, where you have to use your skills to score as many points as you can.
This game is made in Java using ANDROID STUDIO but can also be imported using ECLIPSE. The game has been created using LibGDX framework which is also made in pure java.

Basket Shots HD Basketball Game Template Free Download


Maths Fun App with AdMob

Create your custom Maths App. It’s too simple, just re-screen it, and publish it, that’s it.


Maths Fun : Crack your brain with this Android quiz type maths game. User just answers simple maths problems on TRUE OR FALSE. It’s most popular android app on Google Play Store.

Maths Fun App with AdMob


PHP Radio Stations Database v1.4

PHP Radio Stations Database is a simple, yet unique script which allows users to discover new radio stations around the world.


They can find stations by their favourite genre, by the country they are from, or even random radios. The script is easy to install/configure, the only things in order to run it are a server with PHP5, cUrl(), mod_rewrite and a Dirble API key.

PHP Radio Stations Database v1.4 Free Download